The website gives the patient with mental health access to the treatment of Inside


Patients, as well as referrals, such as doctors, can visit the site, inter alia, for waiting times for the healthcare provider and the amount of reimbursement for treatment. The purpose of the site is to get people looking for therapy to gain more insight and guidance and, in the opinion of the initiators, to increase the transparency of mental health.

Research shows that waiting times for people with autism, trauma or personality disorders, and people with mild mental disabilities and mental illness are too time-consuming. "The site of people is stronger in looking for care and gives them information about waiting times and bids on a doctor so they can better engage in conversation with their referrer, for example," says Paul Blokhuis, health secretary, on the new website.

The Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Sport is also one of the partners in the partnership. Blokhuis: "It is very appropriate if someone in a mental emergency has to wait for treatment for several months. Long waiting means that problems are tilted, job losses, debts, connection problems." According to the initiators, patients can often find themselves in " jungle of different information places in mental health ".

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