The mental state of the young has hardly deteriorated


Illustration: Elmarye AaijAlthough many reports of depression and burns have been proposed differently, the number of young people with psychological complaints has only slightly increased over the past ten years. This is what the Netherlands statistics say today. The percentage rose from 8.8 to 10.9 percent.

The Central Bureau of Statistics examined the mental well-being of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 on the basis of five questions about their mental state, including "did you feel very nervous in the last four weeks?" And "whether you were so bad in the pit ? that he does not cheer you up? "This suggests that between 2015 and 2017, between 2015 and 2017, there are psychologically unhealthy 10.9 percent between 18 and 25. Ten years ago, this percentage was 8.8 percent.

It's mentioned
According to the Netherlands statistics, this "very small increase" is remarkable, given the number of alarm alerts recently reported. From this, it was clear that students are increasingly suffering from anxiety, stress and gloom. Among other things, the cause is the increased pressure of efficiency and everywhere in social media.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives asked the minister to call psychological assistance to pupils in the MBO, HBO and WO as soon as possible, and on this basis provide a low offer. Previously, student organizations and other institutions have created an Action Plan for Student Well-being.

"Without prejudice to significant"
How can all this be aligned with a slight increase in the number of complaints in the CBS survey? Jolien Dopmeier, a researcher at Hogeschool Windesheim and co-author of the Action Plan, is not surprised. "I have been exploring this since 2012 and at this time I do not see a big increase," he says. "I would say: complaints are as strong as ever."

The study pressure was high ten years ago. "We have introduced all types of measures in higher education to increase profitability, while the student has almost not paid attention. This is now changing and as a result we have seen what these measures are doing for them. Pressures and complaints are therefore nothing new, now they are only given attention. "

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