The inhabitants of the Waalwijk house in terms of high flame meters Interior


The house on Westeinde probably originated from the cabinet for the meter and hit on the top floor, according to the fire department. The gas devoured. The energy company Enexis then closed the gas.

The firemen turned off the clock and could give a "fire master" signal about 22.45. During this time, residents of surrounding buildings were already ordered to go somewhere else. It was about twenty houses, the municipality of Omroep Brabant warns.

People were taking taxi cabs elsewhere because of such smoke. "Watch out for smoke, close windows and doors and turn off any mechanical ventilation", the brigade's fire reported earlier in the evening, but this warning was not enough.

Firefighters had so many problems with fire because they were "an old house with lots of wood," the representative explained. Meanwhile, the fire is under control and it is predicted that all residents of the surrounding homes can sleep at home.

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