The health insurance premium CZ increases by EUR 8.55 per month Inside


CZ says that the premium would be higher if it was calculated on the basis of actual costs. "However, using € 97 million from reserves, CZ can offer a premium of € 2.75 per month below the cost."

According to this health insurance premium will increase this year, as predicted in September Ministry of Health. This is because the costs of health care this year are lower than the calculated ministry. The millionth of the memorandum has increased for a decade.

Before this week, Nationale-Nederlanden reported that the premium for basic insurance for the following year would increase by 9.02 euros (7.5 per cent) to 128.60 euros per month. Ohra's monthly premium is 116.30 euros. This means an increase of EUR 8.34 or 7.7%. DSW traditionally became the first to announce the new premium in September. The monthly amount is increased by EUR 4.50 to EUR 112.

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