"The Amsterdam police shot eight people out of their way"


Photo: ANP

In the Amsterdam Police Unit, a total of ten criminal-disciplinary inquiries have been conducted in their own staff since 2015. This is evident from the data requested by De Telegraaf. According to the newspaper, the sentence was terminated in eight cases.

The suspicions against their own staff ranged from the violation of the secrecy of secrecy to fraud and embezzlement. Eight police officers would be abused by immediately fired. According to the newspaper, he deviated from the ninth.

In 2015 she was sentenced to an employee of the Amsterdam Police who was involved in the removal of a drug worth EUR 450,000 from the regional Beslaghuis. In 2016, another agent came to the picture, who violated official secrecy and enjoyed private benefits at the expense of the police.

In 2016, there were cases in which police charges were abused, bulletproof vests were unlawfully removed and "another suspension of duty". According to De Telegraaf, this court has not yet ruled the state prosecutor's office.

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