Sinterklaas news on television again


Photo: ANP

For five more nights, then Sinterklaas re-enters our country. The news of Sinterklaas's news will start on Monday evening. Although NTR, like in previous years, did not want to say anything about the story about the program, it is already known that the syntheses help calming pests.

Witches vary according to NTR colors. "As they go more often through the chimney, they become blacker," said the spokesman. "There are also those who are completely black." According to the publisher, the adjustments following the debate about the look of Zwarte Piet gradually become less black.

In the beginning of March, no municipality has yet to register for the country to which the NTR has called. Then the publisher was "overloaded with applications". The saint and his followers arrive on Saturday afternoon at 12 am in the Zaanstad municipality.

News Sinterklaas can be seen every day at 18.00 at NPO Zapp in the coming weeks and the presentation is again in the hands of Dieuwertje Blok.

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