Refugees Enschede Evil In Their Own House & # 39;


An incident of violence occurred earlier this week in the Dolphin district of Ensheda. The municipality speaks of a serious neighborhood struggle, presumably as a result of a fight among children. Two people reported to the GP station. Moreover, the municipality does not want to say anything about it.

The ad spoke to people in the neighborhood, and it was found that a group of 15-20 people from outside the neighborhood came to hear a story from a Syrian Republic family on Tuesday evening. The reason is not clear.

Refugee family

It's a rumor in the neighborhood that the family's father would have a child. Others say he took the child.

Part of the group got stuck in the front of the house, the newspaper writes, while a lot of others are inside. According to sources, parents are mistaken in the eyes of their children.

A municipal spokesperson says the incident has stopped preventing media attention. That would have helped, because "If the area is full of camera crawls, the doors will close everywhere".

Request for information

The police sent a letter to local residents yesterday with a request for information. The neighborhood police are driving the streets more often than usual the last few days.

Local residents say they do not understand this incident. They describe the family as nice people with whom there is good contact and call what happened "horrible". They want to support the family, but don't know where it is at the moment. The house was abandoned.

When a home seeker centered in the Delphi district, four years ago, there were fierce protests. Pigs & # 39; s heads are placed at the planned location of the ACC. In the end, it was canceled because the reflux of refugees declined.

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