Large smoke development during a large fire in Gorinchem NOW


In the business building at Marconiweg in Gorinchem, a large flashpoint was growing from Wednesday to Thursday. In addition, there was a lot of smoke that was moving towards the A15 motorway.

The south-east security region of South Holland has warned us that we will no longer smoke. Because there were gas jets in the building, the fire department had to extinguish the fire from a distance.

The fire was reported at about 1.30 and the firefighters quickly rose to a "very large fire". Many units, firefighting and air platforms were used. There were also measurement teams that analyzed smoke for harmful substances and mapped the spread. Smoke caused a lot of smell.

The building at Marconiweg is a warehouse and transport company located near the gas station. After the fire department there was no danger of spilling the fire to the pumping station. "Meanwhile, the fire is reasonably manageable," the spokesman said. "But the building is completely flamed and also many cars that are inside are in the flame elevator."

The fire signal was given until 4.30. A large part of the fire brigades returned to the barracks. The rest of the people take care of post-looping.

The neighboring building was temporarily abandoned as a precautionary measure. Mayor Gorinchem, Reinie Melissant, was on the spot and talked to the affected owner and evacuated residents.

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