Johannes Denksen about Blues Festival: There are still some good things in the pipeline

The ticket sale of the Hollywood Blues Festival in Grollo is started and the first artist names are dripping inside. "And there is still a lot of good things in the pipeline," says organizer Johan Derksen.

ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others, have signed. According to Derks it is difficult to get well-known bands on stage. "They do not have to come to Grollo if they want, they just come when they are around or when they feel like it, or you have to pay a lot of money."

Pay tired
That money must be ready in large quantities. "If you contract a band, you have to pay 50 percent of your gambling, so you have to pay a tired mate, while you get the income later."

Dignity estimates the chance that a profit will be made with the festival. But he can not find a problem. "We want to organize a high-quality festival, and with this kind of take it is difficult to turn even."

Finally Johnny long
In addition to ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Lang also performs. "The blues fans like this very much, we are now working on the fourth festival, and we have been trying to get him in all those years, but every time his wife is pregnant."

The organizer was also delighted with Daniele Nicole. "Which is currently the best white blues singer."

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