Horner built from 2018 engine, but pleased with 'best chassis' ever


10:45 – Christian Horner was convinced that his season had quite different out than Renault 40 kW, almost 55 kW, could have delivered more. Red Bull won this year for the first time in the hybrid period four races in one season, but afterwards Horner could still be much better.

Where Daniel Ricciardo boasts highlights of 2018 already in the first few months, Max Verstappen especially impressed with a strong second helicopter. The Dutch represented the excellent race race of Red Bull, which also teamed up to Ferrari and Mercedes. As Motorsport.com Horner recommends or stops the shape of a world title in 2019, says the Brit: "It's always hard to say and it's a lot of mids and mares, but I think this season with about 40 kW extra as well different had come out. "

He stated that the chassis of RB14 was good enough to become a world champion, but Renault had mostly left. "I really take my hat off for everyone in Milton Keynes, and you may have the best chassis ever built." If you look at other teams using the same engine, then it's really a world of difference, "said Horner also I'm looking forward to the still mellow performance of McLaren and Renaults factory team. Alone the French brand with the Spec C engine, which has got a step, Honda has been followed by Horner always higher in the pegs.

His expectations of 2019 with Honda remain – in spite of the mature slots of Toro Rosso and motorist of Gasly – also highlights. "We will definitely be poisoned on the basis of what we are seeing and what he is in the pigplin. But things on paper are one thing, and ultimately does not stop the stopwatch," says Horner, that it was waiting for the winter tests. The reliability of Honda does not bother any genuine care, certainly because the Renault Renault has already made a quick improvement in his own sayings. "The reliability of this season was not good, we had eleven or two whistleblowers, which we even had our most original achilleship, we now try to reach the strength and reliability of the big teams – Ferrari and Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton has this season favorable but one genuine DNF and Sebastian Vettel too. These are the numbers we've also stretched. "

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What can combine with Honda Red Bull? Tom Coronel has very high expectations:

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