Gossip Review: Bridget No Heavy Bitch And Silvie On The Botox NOW


Doesn't Maasland turn out to be a tough bitch, Megan Markle and Prince Harry have become parents and are Silvia's best friend of Boks? An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

Cool, stand heavy and ice rabbit; Bridget Maasland is rarely described differently. Gossip magazines are constantly telling stories about how Bridget has repeatedly confirmed her cool image, and every now and then the presenter has to tell in interviews that she really is not as unnecessary as people think.

Because of this picture, Bridget was the right person to succeed in the Murcia as a presidential leader. The weakest link. But what? Bridget has changed; She's not bitchy enough. Reviews even thought Bridget's gem unit was a little acted.

"It was all a little too neat and tidy: the lessons for the coming weeks: something more cynical and cruel. And now we lost," commented the de Volkskrant.

There AD Does Bridget Not Make A Fit "Quiz Witch"? "The sneaky but damned laughable one-liners (who looked like a learning globe but turned out to be an Oliebull) came out and counted.

"Everything should sound disgraceful: well, you don't know that in Bridget, that only worked when Brad Pitt and Angelina are called Jolie as a gang (Brangelina!)," Writes The paroleWhich Bridget calls "the only weakest link" in the program.

It will certainly not burden; The ratings of her daily program are already higher than the ratings RTL late nightThat was previously broadcast at the same time, and on Twitter, most people are enthusiastic about the hard feedback made by the presenter.

And we call it: Archie

For weeks the whole world was waiting for excitement; When would the baby of the British prince Harry and Megan Markle come? It was suggested that Queen Elizabeth is a great-grandchild born a long time ago and that we will see him or her just half a year after birth. But fortunately, this week finally the redemption came: a boy was born.

Although it was recognized in advance, the couple would not talk to the press immediately after the birth of Prince Harry. The brand new father sat on a pink cloud so much that he danced everyone; The people who helped during the delivery, his wife, the journalists, and of course the horse that was behind him in the stable.

Two days later the couple, with their son in their arms, came through the corridors of Windsor Castle. Megan went in a white dress, and on a huge scale, a few meters to the journalists, with Harry, holding their son in her arms, by her side.

And now it became clear that the couple was in heaven with the new addition to their family. Meghan is tired but happy. Harry again thank everyone. But they didn't make a name known in that print round. Moments later It became clear what we should call the baby: Archie.

Fortunately for Harry a few weeks at home with the baby was not possible. He was on the road again in the Hague on Thursday. He had nothing to do with Archie, but he was very pleased with the bodice he received from Princess Margaret.

Sylvie, what are you doing now?

Sylvie Meis no longer has a nose, no more wrinkles and also almost no eyes. Photos from this presenter received a lot of criticism this week, because Silvie would look uncorruptible. German media wondered if she might have a nose job and a good deal of Botox to smooth her forehead.

Nonsense of course! Sylvie is a natural beauty and doesn't need all that hassle at all. To stay beautiful, she only uses masks, creams and she constantly goes to the beautician.

So she likes to make it clear on Instagram that nothing is wrong. She is photographing herself with a fluttering filter and so we can see that there is no question of missing nose or small eyes.

She does not post photos of her possible new love, which is also extensively discussed in German media, on the social media. After Bart, Sylvie could be a little more careful with sharing romantic snapshots with a new lover; She is now more tired of criticism of her love life, and a new loved one, three weeks after the previous break, will undoubtedly not lead to positive reactions.

Fortunately, the tablet-like press is on top of him and she tells us that the new people in Silvie's life are a rich, German businessman named Michael Hell. And coincidentally: He has a company that advises on cosmetic treatments. If Sylvie ever needs a little filler here and there, he can help you immediately.

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