Editor-in-chief Van Dale does not agree: Western bedpeet locks a beten # 39;

Okay, it's a "bite" because it is already in two weeks to vote, but do the boon wants to make an important point. The editor-in-chief of the Dicke van Dale, and self-proclaimed Occupy junk sign activist, decided on Wednesday not to cast a vote in the redistricting election for the Western United States of Western Bethlehem.

That, according to the Boon, as in the genus of Western geometry, should be Western Bete, so with a begging. As a result, the new municipality will abduct citizens with a linguistic problem and officials will also be forced to quit the Spelling Act of 2006, says the Linguist. It states that government institutions must follow the rules created by the Dutch language association.

"Of course, the layout is not correct, which is obvious," says the Linguist at NRC. The Boone lives in Varic, now part of Neerijnen, which will soon form the municipality of Betuwe together with Moneymalsen and Linguaw. "It is a pity that the new municipality is blocking civilians, how should the residents now indicate, as a Western patch, of course, there is no Dutch without a hole."

& # 39; not represented & # 39;

The Boone was not eligible, because he did not feel represented by the most famous local party participating in Western Bette. The Linguist finally decided not to use this voting right for the first time in his life. "A good reason to make the point again that the municipality makes a sick-considered choice."

According to the news agency ANP, Mayor Jos Grey von Moneymalsen believes that the layout is correct. Language scientists would assure him that there is a self-chosen name and therefore no indent is needed. His spokesman added that "double currents do not always have a hole."

According to Don Boon, this is a "wild argument": Families are separated from the Dutch language layout rules, and the western betweet remains a geographical sentence.

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