American girl Alexa (15) survived leukemia, but corona was fatal

The girl from Kentucky was diagnosed with leukemia last July. She was cured of the year, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshar wrote on Facebook. He got family permission to share the tragic story about Alexa Rose.

During Halloween, the teenager complained about nausea. Her mother took her out of school and tested herself and her daughter for corona, and both were positive.

Alexa’s mother was put in a ventilator at the hospital, while the teenager herself initially showed only mild symptoms, write local media. Still, she started to feel worse and worse. She contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized.

Alexa’s health then deteriorated rapidly and she was put on a ventilator. On November 15, a day after her mother was released from a Kentucky hospital, Alexa died.

“Alexa was and is a beautiful child of God. She was a fighter,” said Governor Beshar, calling her death a great loss for the community. She was very active and a welcome person. “People looked up to her for her positivity and enthusiasm.”

It mask for Alexa

The girl’s family has asked Beshear to warn people about corona and to follow the measures. “Every day I wear my mask for Alexa, and I hope you will too,” said the governor.

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