Where will the money be for privatization?


This is over! The government yesterday approved the bill no. 91.18, amending and supplementing Law no. 39.89, which permits the transfer of public enterprises to the private sector.

After unsuccessful attempts to transfer to the private sector since the introduction of the privatization program, one of the purposes of this law is to exclude companies from the list of companies that can be privatized, since some of them are liquidated. or are exposed to problems with the liquidation of their property or conflicts among employees.

The most important provisions and measures of this Act are the inclusion of the management company Tahaddart Thermal Power Plant and Mamounia Hotel, which are active in the energy and energy sectors. hotel industry, on the list of privatized companies. Both will be entrusted to national or international experts selected on the basis of their knowledge and technical skills, said the minister. In addition, five companies will be excluded from the list of privatization companies, namely the textile complex Fez (COTEF), real estate and tourism loans (CIH), commercial coal and timber companies (SOCOCHARBO), Briquerie-tuilerie north -African (BTNA) and Society Shereefian Salts (SCS), next to two hotels: "Asmaa" and Ibn Toumert ".

What will be the funds spent on these operations? The Government explains that the income generated by the 6MMDH will have to finance some of the social costs, up to 27 MMDH, in accordance with the Finance Act (PLF 2019).

At least this was confirmed Thursday in Rabat, a ministerial delegate in charge of relations with parliament and civil society, government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi, at the end of the government.

Social expenditures, which increased by 27 billion dirhams over the previous year, refer to the compensation fund, which will have to reach 4 billion dirhams, which will increase the donation of this fund to 17 billion dirhams, El Khalfi explained.

The national education sector will benefit from an increase in the budget of 5 billion dirhams to 68 billion dirhams, while the health budget will exceed 16 billion dirhams, he said.

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