The Pentagon is sanctioning six soldiers in 2017 after a deadly attack in Niger


The US military has punished six militaries for their role in the Niger failure, which in 2017, according to the New York Times, strikes four American soldiers and four Nigerian jihadists.

A joint patrol of a special army of 11 armies and 30 Nigerian soldiers in 2017. On October 4, near the village of Tongo, ISIS members were attacked by automatic weapons, grenades and machine guns in Tongo, one hundred kilometers from Niamey, at the border of Mali.

In May, the Pentagon released a summary of the study report, which closed the line of mistakes by the US military, poorly prepared and sent in this mission without being sufficiently high.

According to Times on Saturday, the sanctioned army is a member of two offensive units: Captain Mike Perozeni and the second. Reprimands were given to accuse them of the lack of simulated training and combat simulations with Nigerian soldiers.

Rejection letters may indicate the end of a military career depending on their severity.

Two officials who approved the mission were not violated by the daily newspaper.

The Pentagon did not immediately confirm this information.

The original purpose of the operation was to capture the "Great Sahara Islamic State" (EIGS), Doundoun Cheffou, of the jihadist group, suspected of kidnapping US humanitarian Jeffery Woodke.

But the army did not find their purpose. The village was relatively poorly prepared and did not wear bulletproof vest, and about fifty seriously armed fighters attacked them. French hunters intervened in the retreat of the attackers.

The trap in the United States has provoked a fierce dispute over the confirmation of the presence of 800 US troops.

Since then, General Thomas Waldhauser, Head of the African Command, has said that American forces are "much more cautious" in their operations.

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