the government is re-shaping its actions to try to calm the anger of the people


VIDEO – A meeting was held in Matignon on Monday morning to see the latest arbitration of the plan, which will calm the anger of the Frenchmen, a few days after the presentation of yellow jackets. The idea of ​​fuel testing seems to be finally discarded.

The date of 17 November is approaching and the government is fine-tuning its actions to "monitor the ecological transition" and tries to reconcile the anger that is coagulated across France. On Monday morning, Prime Minister Philippe Philippe convened the ministers concerned for this purpose. Nothing, official, would have been recorded. But notifications should not be postponed, probably on Wednesday.

There is a need to strengthen several existing budget schemes of approximately EUR 300 million. However, it is not excluded that the head of state kept the surprise in order to increase this figure. "This package of measures keeps track of and will really help humble households, so it remains fiscally acceptable," says Matthieu Orphelin, deputy LaREM at the peak of ecology. Firstly, energy audits should benefit more modest households. Today, 3.7 million households are able to reduce their heating bill (electrical, oil, gas or thermal networks). The verification could also be sent in January to the beneficiaries and not in April, after the winter, as before. As a record, the government has already planned an increase in energy audits from 150 to 200 euros next year.

Extended conversion bonus

In addition, the conversion premium would also increase – which would fund the purchase of a clean car, even used – in addition to strengthening itself in favor of hybrid vehicles with a connection. The government counted 500,000 beneficiaries, but this could double. Approximately 250,000 premiums have already been paid since the beginning of the year, much more than expected. It could also be extended to "big rollers", even if their cars are not as old as the device needs. Economy Ministers Bruno Le Maire also asked car manufacturers for this assistance with a special discount. From 1 January 2019, the government should establish a "sustainable mobility package", which will be available in the menu of the future law on mobility. Voluntary companies will be able to pay up to 200 euros without taxes to their employees who choose cars.

The track, which was made up of the re-mapping of the mileage scale, the time that was being challenged would be abandoned. Bruno Le Maire also rejected the hypothesis of a "fuel check" advocated by LR, which he said was "subsidizing oil".

On the other hand, Members of LaREM have already adopted or taken steps to "monitor" the French in the event of an increase in fuel taxation under the 2019 Draft Budget. These should be included by the end of the week for ISCED when changing the boiler to oil.

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