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The FL support the call for the cancellation of the Mashrou concert Leila in Jbeil


Lifetime troops have recently expressed support for the Maroonite archbishopric of JBeil and the Catholic Information Center, both of which have been asked to abandon the concert of the Fifth Volume Machine Lila. The group is expected to perform at the Byblos Festival on Friday, August 9, but a controversy over the singer's homosexuality and alleged attack on the Christian religion threatens the concert.

In a statement released yesterday, Jbeil's district in the LF recalled that "JBILLILL's maritime archery issue released a statement on July 22 for the Mashrou" Leila group and the concert they will be giving in the Byblos. Festival, as well as his opposition to some songs of the formation. The Catholic Information Center has also issued a communication on the same subject and adopted the same position. "In harmony with the two communists, the JBeil District of the FL calls to consider their contents and urges the concerned people, especially at the Byblos Festival, to cooperate with the call of the Archdiocese and the Catholic Center to explain the information. However, at this time, the LFS have clearly said they are demanding the cancellation of the Mashrou Leila concert.

The controversy began several days ago on social networks, when a cadre of the free patriotic state, Naji Hayek, publicly threatened the group in a shared message on Facebook, which he then erased. Among the Internet Internet users, there have been many sharp exchanges that have taken the defense of Mashrou's Leila and others who have assaulted the group of hate speech.

It seems that the sexual orientation of the openly cheerful group singer, Hamed Sinno, as well as an article he shared on social networks showed the singer Madonna replaced the Virgin Mary in a Russian or Byzantine icon anger or disproved in several circles. It is the same for one of the group's titles, Djin (2015), that some people blame Christianity and promote occultism.

Latifé Lakkis, chairman of L 'Orient-Le Jour, chairman of the Byblos Festival committee, said the committee would meet early next week to decide this controversy. The committee also pursued an appointment with Bishop Michiel Aon's Maroonite Bishop of Jbeil. Festival producer Naji Baz told OLJ that the festival team is working hard to keep the concert going. Members of Jbeil Ziad Hawat (FL) and Simon Abiramia (CPL) were not available for comment.

At a state-of-the-art state yesterday, Mrs. Leyla's birthday, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, said he was astonished at the battle against him. "Mashrou" Leila was on an international tour recently. We were so happy to be invited to sing in our country. We don't understand the protests about one of our songs that doesn't hurt anyone (…) Our goal is to make art, highlight humanitarian factors, and get the name of Lebanon, with all due respect that we owe it To the religions and their symbols, "explains the group.

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