Stan Lee, man was reigning

His descendants are dizzy: Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Black Panther, Thor, Daredevil … The real star creator Stan Lee was a live incarnation of comics, the glittering past aroused conventional length and the conversion of a new the world order of fiction, American cinema has revealed its heritage without a tree for more than a decade. A genius writer, a talent talent, a juggler who organized his own cult, an ardent opportunist, Stan Lee had many things at a time. By the time he appeared as a character, with his mistakes, his catch ("Excelsior!") and her founding myths, always nebulous. He is not an anecdote in relation to him who knows only one version. The story told him, romantically desired and the one mentioned by his former colleagues, is less obvious. The two stories coincide at least on one point: Stan Lee and his creatures have been directly or indirectly ruled over more than half a century or more of globalized parties. And far from seeing the final departure, we would not be able to see the stakhanollywoodians abusing the nudity that had been stretched out too much by the muscles – so the superheroes stamped Marvel, the ultra-profitable publisher became the main and satellite Disney, they continue to dominate the cashier, eliminate monstrous recipes and colonize minds for older generations until they grow up an adult conversation (see the recent example of the box Black Panther).

But we are still pleased that we learned his death on Monday evening at the age of 95, because in the last months of his life he seemed painful. In January, he was diagnosed with heart problems and was busy with pneumonia. A few weeks later, he was exhausted, looking into the universe, scraping the signatures at the California Convention, while the man in his dress wrote his name in front of a range of signatures. The height of the glaucous is achieved when Hollywood Reporter at the beginning of April, a lengthy investigation into the abuse and abuse of the disadvantaged victim, his daughter and some suspicious entrepreneurs who were suspected of closing up an old man in a fortress of solitude remotely in order to better control the accounts and assets of non-shareholders .

The player of ocarina

The son of Jewish immigrants from Romania, Stanley Martin Lieber, was born December 28, 1922 in New York. His father was severely affected by the crisis in 1929 and after that he will never find a fixed job, the son, the image of a man reading the events, can not control his fate. A serious and optimistic student, Stanley is fed pulp, comics, novels by Conan Doyle or Alexandre Dumas. He will later say that he won several times at the age of 16, a literature competition organized every week New York Herald Tribune. From the track of this competition, American journalists have discovered that he came to the top seventh. It does not matter … Young Lieber hires a press agency to fill out opaque refrigerators, works for a while on the advertising department of the hospital and the theater company and actively participates in the newspaper of his high school in Bronx.

He did not have 18 when he was hired by Timely Comics, a publisher led by Cousin Martin Goodman. Lieber pays 8 euros a week to provide an office with sandwiches and coffee. Little by little, he acquired the right to delete the albums of Joe Simone and Jack Kirby, who then took the position of chief editor and art director, then ink and acted as a proofreader. In 1940, comics market explodes, but Timely has no known heroes. Time signs are called Phantom Bullet, Rudy the Robot, Purple Mask … until the end of 1940, when Captain America became the first major success of the company.

The young man was abducted by his elders, the fact that he is walking in an office that plays an enchantress and does not help. When he is invited to a script discussion, someone tells him to write his own story, if he is so smart. Lieber does not know, under the pseudo episode Captain America. "Who is this Stan Lee? It's called laundry." Lee's response, reported by Sean Howe Marvel Comics, a secret history : "I wonder if there is a comic book market in China?" Everything is already in this sentence.

Ascent and collapse

Lieber renews the burden of some secondary stories, gets his place in the team and multiplies nicknames (Neel Nats, Stan Martin, S.T. Anley), history to believe in wealth pool Timely's authors. When Simon and Kirby discreetly think about the competition, who pays for the better, Lieber understands that something is going on and they will not let them go until they are told. Shortly afterwards they are called by the boss and Lee gets a reputation for being a ladder. "The next time I get to know this bitch, I kill him," Kirby told Simon before he sailed. Stan Lee is being deprived in time for his leading authors, who suddenly find themselves in the forefront. Restore the captain of America, invents characters, multiplies the series and becomes the right hand of the boss. This is a bad news person, the one who is in charge of predicting others to be fired when accounts become red.

Required, Lee joined the US Army Communications Department. He writes and illustrates training manuals or posters for the prevention of syphilis. He travels and nourishes his cleansed side: "I was in love a hundred times. They sent me to all parts of the country, in every city I went, I met an extraordinary girl." In 1947, Joan Clayton Boocock, a hat model, passed away, who was married with divorce and wife. She is Jewish, she is Anglican. Together they will have two daughters: Joan Celia, in 1950, and another child, dead three days after birth.

In combination with war, comics are obsolete when the conflict is over. It relies on comic narratives in a timely manner ( Funnies), romance and polar. This is also the time of the crusading psychiatrist Fredrik Wertham, who estimates that comics are turning American youth into promoting frustration, homosexuality and delinquency. Stan Lee argues that he has always opposed this marine order that leads to the development of a charter of conduct without finding a trail of this opposition. Confident in the style of EC Comics, the thrill of the horror, who is under full censorship, Stan Lee hires a shovel to complete his team. They come Steve Ditko and Gene Colan, Kirby returns. Timely becomes Atlas Comics. Lee's success is the result of his ability to adapt, copy all the series that are in the air.

In 1957, a mistake in management, the company broke into disagreement. The addresses are ten years old and the dismissal is exceeded. Lee is a wicked bird and makes enemies. Almost four, he's on the edge of throwing in a towel. It is on the edge of the abyss to return the industry. In four short years, he sets the foundations of a gigantic mechanism that today destroys the imaginary fiction.

Spider-Man (Spider-Man) Episode 37 The Birth of Super Hero from Stan Lee's Superheros: Strange (No. 40, April 5, 1973) --- Spider-Man, Strange Magazine (April 1973) *** Local tips *** Spider-man, Strange magazine (April 1973) Strip strip "The Invincible Iron Man", 40th episode "The Claws of the Raptor" by Stan Lee Strange (No. 40, April 5, 1973) - Iron Man, Strange Magazine (April 1973) *** Local style *** Iron Man, Strange magazine (April 1973)

As always there are two very different versions of events that will lead to the birth of the Fantastic Four. He was tired of listening to the rivalry of the success of the Justice League of America, which combines DC Comics in one series, Lee would set up his team as he always dreamed. According to Jack Kirby, Lee would take over the idea he had submitted a few weeks earlier. Number 1 was published in August 1961, when the construction of the Berlin Wall began. Shock. When the characters discover their new powers, they experience them as a curse, a distress that throws them into a deep despair. Heroes shouting against each other, Thing is a resilient orange monster that is deprived of its humanity and is rapidly angered. Lee's heroes are both human and monstrous. The series becomes a card in a few numbers.

In May 1962, Lee created Hulk, proofreading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the atomic age (success will not be immediate). Three months later, Spider-Man appears. A teenage hero, with problems that are almost identical to those of a man on the street. Again there will be a deep conflict over the paternity of the characters, while Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko are more than their share. In August, Thor joined Atlas. Then it's Iron Man and finally the X-Men, September 1963, Daredevil in 1964. Incredible fertility linked, according to Bob Batchelor (author Stan Lee: A man for a freak), on economic constraints: "The reason that he and Kirby created so much that they were extremely creative was that they tried to live comics, they had families and more and more payday loans, it was their first concern. They had to work and work quickly . " For Martin Goodman, the incredible success of the Stan Lee series is primarily associated with the adjectives that were attached to the title. Incredible and other incredible. Pique, the script writer, says he can sell the title with a disgusting name and without a superhero: he creates Sergeant Fury and his Howling Commandos (always with Kirby) and revive fashion war comics.


In May 1963 Atlas at the peak of its glory became Marvel Comics. Lee has all the publications and sets his own method, which has been refined for years. To continue with speed, the script writer dictates that the designer dictates a summary of the episode (imitation of the most intense moments, if necessary), before the artist leaves his components, he hears. When the drawing is complete, Lee begins a dialogue and transforms the plot at will. He was sometimes pleased with the initial step and watched that he continued to continue to other writers. A quick production method that frees the blow to the best designers, and at the same time ensures that Stan Lee has complete editorial control since he always has the last word. Thus, tone and homogeneity were set in the Marvel catalog.

From 1962 onwards, it introduces a trading classification (script, drawing, writing, writing) and systemates these credits on the first page of comics to ensure respect for their media and organize Stan Lee's show. He used these presentations to flatter his colleagues by adding a nickname – "It's cheaper than giving them an increase," It's real. With your readers after and Bullpen Bulletin which he publishes in comics, Lee creates the life of the company and the popularity of its own creations in the fan club's logic.

Stan Lee's writing becomes art of recycling. He knows all the recipes of pre-war comics and uses them for a super-heroic genre that turns him into soap. He recycles frames, conceals similarities with changing designers and heroes. Recalibrates the Timely characters that went into oblivion. Unlike the deities of the DC, the heroes of the new Marvella fill the cracks and try to keep time. Billionaire Bruce Wayne replies smashed student Peter Parker. Superman Superman opposes the uncontrollable Hulk. Dr. Strange is a surgeon who can no longer practice, Daredevil is crippled, Tony Stark is a man who suffers from heart failure. Everything in the rejection of communitarianism, always for inclusion and equality (in 1966 it was created by the Black Panther, still in America). If the Marvelov miracle is held by the WASP side, there are almost no religious references under his pen ("The goal of X-Mens, if needed, was to show that adultery is creepy").

Stan Lee writes his characters to the real world in New York thousands of times tortured and in continuity. His heroes have a past, present and future. In particular, everyone develops in the same universe and learns – a powerful narrative concept and the move of a commercial genius, which forces readers from their squares to consume more Marvelas. More than writing, goji tricks, language tricks, specific to each character ("It's time to fuck," "It's time to hurt," for example, for example) in order to strengthen the characterization. At the soap, he borrows narrative lights that take place in several episodes.


In the mid-1960s Marvel's sales exploded. The publisher sysops the competition. Charmer and camelot, Stan Lee sells the product. He becomes a personality abducted by the media and universities until he finds a new source of income at conferences. Princeton opened its doors in 1966 while it was a magazine Esquire see in it "Homer XXe century. " Lee before the front, others behind him, they descended into the rank of grouillots. His habit of covering his nose everywhere is an ant. The secret mystery of the Green Mull becomes the source of a symbolic transition with Steve Ditke (missing a few months ago). While Lee wants an exciting revelation, the draftsman wants Spider-Man to be a closed nemesis as a mere traveler. Lose and leave the address in 1966. Superstar Home, Silent Kirby leaves Marvel again without taking into account that he was treated at fair value. Lee is conservative for his facade bonhomony. He will always fight for his business, even though he does not support old companions or silent when a conflict arises. When DC Comics set up a descriptor system and profit sharing in sales, Marvel remains inexhaustible. Only the company counts.

Miraculous characters are featured at Disney's Infinity 2.0 launch at the Cinerama Dome Pacific Theater on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 in Hollywood, Los Angeles. (Photo: Katy Winn / Invision / AP) "width =" 100% "data-responsive =" 1Photo by Katy Winn. Invision. AP

Lee sees great things, Hollywood thoughts, on television. Creates cartoons, television series, television films. Whilst recognizing this "It's horrible from the aesthetic point of view." "House of Ideas" accepts anything and everything, and her star script writer meets in January 1972 on the Carnegie Hall stage for Marvel's musical sauce. In 1965 he met Fellini – "I was sure he would tell me:" I want you to come to Italy to write all my movies, "but no, we just talked and went" explains that Lee is disappointed – before you make friends with Alain Resnais. Until the time when filmmaker Nouvelle Vague is offered to adapt the adventures of Spider-Man, which he foresaw, then he decays before Lee is employed as a voice with a skit that he performs for Year 01 (1973). Together they are preparing two films that will never be seen: Monster Maker, Lee 's self – portrait as a horror director who dreams of recognition and Prisoners, a romantic comedy against the background of foreign invasions.

In 80, he left New York in California. The machine turns around and Lee is pleased that his sandwich is a man. The Marvel system was established in 1992, when his caricaturists, tired of the methods Lee had set, fought to build their own house. Four years later, the company was seized with debt due to catastrophic management and brutal resorption of the market. Lee receives a written discharge from the Management Board next year.

In the age group of 77 years, Stan Lee Media began to target superheroes in an online version. Bidet. His partner, who turns out to have a long arm locker, runs to Brazil, leaving him with debt and the FBI on his back (he will be washed). He was not discouraged, Lee created a new company, Pow, who dreams of the web, video games and series. His weapons, Stripperella, cartoon, inspired by Pamela Anderson …

The last line is known. Stan Lee starts with X-Men Bryan Singer in 2000, a series of upcoming films. He plays closely with his role in television series (Chuck, The Big Bang Theory) or for the reality TV shows it co-creates. Over the past twenty years he has transformed himself into a mascot, an awkward change in the role of the super VRP he always had, while his creations swept across all the screens, the icon in t-shirts, video games, amusement parks in a huge global orgy. In 2016 it will Hollywood Reporter estimated revenues generated by adjusting the cinema of their creations to $ 21.3 billion (€ 19 billion). No derivatives. "I was stupid about the topic, acknowledges Stan Lee. You should be more greedy. " The more he injured him, Jack Kirby kept repeating throughout his life that Stan Lee had won a lot more than he had earned. Still, the treaty, signed in 1998, which gives him $ 10 million and 1 million more years in return for the rights of his characters, seems inevitable in the light of the empire on which Marvel Studios and Disney stand today. By the end he was a good soldier, while nonagenar always banned the game of interviews and flooded his side papi who was spoiled.

Stan Lee hated fans of comics who challenged their contribution and only kept their small dealings with the truth by stumbling into this exceptional corporate show. At the end of 2017, Todd McFarlane, the former glory of Marvel, set up a company on his knee that advocated an old man: "What costs Stan most likely to have lived for so long." Gil Kane, John Buscema, Steve Ditko died today, and fans today say it is unfair that Stan is the only one who enjoyed the center It may have once pulled out the blanket, but now the first one has been repaired. When people present it as a creator of Spider-Man, it corrects "no, a co-creator".

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