Signature of a contract between the Sonatrach and Petrofac branches to accentuate the capabilities of the Tinhert Champs


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Contracts to increase the production capacity of the Tinhert gazine production plant located in Illizi, which has been marked Tuesday in Alger between the branch of the National Social and Cultural Society of the Sonatrach and the British Society of Engineering hydrocarbures Petrofac.

It is a contrast to the realization of a center of compression and utilization of the amounts of the existing existing complex for the completion of the 36 pipes of the North American chimney ("Tinhert"), Engineering & Project Management (EPM) from Sonatrach, Faiz Zane.

The production issue of the 36 puits will be sharpened to the new units of separation and compression and then to the existing plant complex in Ohanet, located in Illizi, added by M. Zane.

The forecast for the month of December 2023, a project of about 70 billion DA (600 million dollars), will allow a production of 4,000 million cubic meters of gas sales, 450 tonnes / g of GPL and 750 tonnes / j of condensate.

The purpose of this project is to increase the production of gas with a charge of fuel gross order of 4,7 million m3 / day.

It also reviews the processing of the total fuel consumption of Ohanet's fuel in the cost of CO2 and the mercury charge.

The open-ended release concept, off-site, in particular a collection set for the 36-pocket tracking and installation of surface pipes.

The new center of disconnection and compression (CSC), including the number of joints, two separator separators, a condensate separator, a unit of decarbonation, a unit of processing of production oils and utilities (basin evaporation, unit of treatment of egg yolk, unit of production of potable oil, anti-incineration system, ect).

As part of the signature ceremony, the P-dg of the company ENGCB, Abdelghani Bendjebba has been instrumental in the work of the project, according to her, in the framework of the Sonatrach (SH 2030) which, among other things, reached a national investment rate of 55% in the 2030s.

Bendjebba, this title, states that "this is the first time that the ENGCB will go to a draft project."

For this part, M. Zane has stated that we plan to make plans with the British Petrofac and the GCB has a "challenge". According to him, it is an involvement of all the parties to realize that project in time, even though "well ahead".

In his opinion, the P-dg of Petrofac, Aymen Asfari has emphasized the importance of this project. He also has the responsibility to support the commitment of Petrofac to continue its investments in Algeria.

Petrofac, and it has recovered its existence in Algeria since more than 21 years, has reacted to 14 projects for a value of over 7 billion dollars.

Interrogated, in the issue of the signature ceremony, to explore the Petrofac account launching the project on the development of the fishing industry in offshore in Algeria, the first to be responsible for signaling that it would still be tropical pronounced on that subject, so Algeria is not a joke – it's a preliminary study, but it is all the same that Petrofac is intent on this domain.

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