Juan Carlos Garrido shoots with red balls on his bloody

In a message published on Instagram on Sunday, November 11, the coach of the Green Juan Carlos Garrido took some accounts. Details. What does not come close to Raja, a few days before the end of the CAF Cup against the Vita Congolese Club? Yesterday, Sunday, November 11, Spanish coach Casablanca Juan Carlos Garrido posted a long message in his Instagram account. In the latter case, the coach of Green fires the red balls on some people who, in his opinion, take for a fool: "So many people want to influence you, press on you and give you a lesson. They think they are very smart and they think you're a fool . "

The Spaniard implies that someone is in Raja who tries to influence his decisions. "For now, I still have the ability to make decisions based on work and honesty. The coach must always have a firm belief," writes Garrido.

Excluded from the semi-finals of the Throne Cup last week by Wydad from Fez, a modest club in the second group, former Al Ahly coach defends: "We continue to fight, we are competitive, we work, we suffer and we are progressing. We are not robots and it is impossible to always perform at the highest level. The error is working, but it responds. "

To conclude, Garrido earned several titles during his career, unlike those who criticized him. "By the way, those who want to give a lesson … where are their names and their championships? I already have trophies and I want to win more," adds Spaniards.

What is the goal of Juan Carlos Garrido? Is President Jawad Ziyat? Rachid El Boussairi his advisor? Her sports director Fathi Jamel? Another club personality? Secret. In any case, this medium is not the best time for Green for two weeks on the first day of the CAF Cup.https: //www.instagram.com/juancarlosgarridocoach/? Utm_source = ig_embed

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