Givaudan invests 20 million francs in Grasse


Givaudan invests 20 million francs in Grasse


Zurich (awp) – Givaudan invests 20 million Swiss francs on the website of the French subsidiary Expressions Parfumées in Grasse, a stone from Cannes. The Geneva Group, the world's leading producer of flavors and fragrances, wants to expand and modernize research and development laboratories and production facilities.

The investment, which aims to support the growth of ambitions with local and regional clients, includes new robotic systems and is part of the digitization of operations, a Tuesday-based Vernier-based group writes. Expansion work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020.

This enlargement is part of a context that encourages "in France" in this sector. "France is in a way the cradle of a modern perfume," said representative Givaudan Peter Wullschleger. "The French label sells very well in Asia, but also in North America. Consumers around the world tend to link France to the shape of savoir-vivre."


This note applies to perfumes, as well as food – and thus the aroma – among other things. Additionally, the terms Parfumées in terms of digitization and robotics were quite "under-invested". The development of events, released on Tuesday, will allow upgrading, for example, in the digitization of production formulas.

In 1982, Givaudan, which was founded in 1982, was bought by the French company Riviera, which was completed in June last year. Expressions Parfumées, which employs approximately 200 employees, is involved in the creation of perfumes in fine perfumery, hygiene and atmosphere products and interiors. Her knowledge is based on the heritage of Grasse, a city known for its activities in this area.

The company is dedicated to both regional and international clients. "Three months after the completion of the purchase, Expressions Parfumées is already producing very promising results," says Maurizio Volpi, head of the Givaudan fragrance department.

Jura's multinational commitment to the company has also been shown in the recent purchase of Naturex, which specializes in natural ingredients, by EUR 1.29 billion (almost 1.5 billion francs). natural origin, a strong trend in the food, health and beauty markets.

In France, Givaudan also invested in the initial Sensorwake last year. This has developed a wake-up alarm that allows you to wake up with the smell of perfumes. She is proud to have developed a perfume diffuser to improve the quality of sleep.

Since 2014, Givaudan has made eight purchases, including in France, at Solution four years ago.

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