Football. "Superclasico" between Boca Juniors and River Plate has been postponed. sport


The mythical stage of the Bombonera, located in the heart of the popular La Boca district where two clubs were created, will wait until Sunday, 16:00 local (20:00 PM French) to descend before this explosive derby, announced the Southern Confederacy of the American football (Conmebol) on Twitter, about an hour and a half before the start of the match, which was originally scheduled at 17:00 local time.

President Boca, Daniel Angelici, is presentpected the box and found it "pretty good," but this was considered a "correct decision". On Sunday at 11:00 he will meet with his colleague Rodolfo Donofrio, who will decide on the race.

"Depending on the weather, if there is another flood this night or tomorrow (Sunday), the earth will not run out. If it rains, but without intensity, it will look good"said the host.

The decision was announced at the stage95 minutes before the start of the kick-off, when there were 53,000 fans almost all in the city, they struggled with water, which already reached Buenos Aires for several hours.

"The game of the century"

The door will beBonera genuinely opened at 13:00 local time, which allowed the implementation of exceptional security measures – 1200 mobilized police officers – for this game under tension.

On the side of the Monume stadiumNtal, from River Plate, thousands of red and white fans, banned from entering Bombonera, gathered to encourage their players who were preparing to leave for the stadium when the postponement was announced.

Players from Boca attendedThey waited patiently at the hotel in the city center before boarding the bus and quickly descending, waiting for a decision.

That was inevitable: badGrateful for some hope of improving time on the part of the organizers, the situation on the ground did not finally allow the competition, which caused great enthusiasm throughout the country.

This "Superclasico" between two neighboring clubs, which opposes everyone who is the most popular in Argentina, has even more special taste than this is happening, this time in the finals of the most prestigious club competition in South America, the free poster is already the nickname of the "race of the century" the price on the black market has reached up to 25,000 dollars, according to the press, and whose supporters sometimes come from far away.

Four young peopleHis supporters who came to support Boca by car from Rawson, a city 1200 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, were killed in a car accident Saturday morning, which mixed the feelings of the leadership of Boca. demanded more media.

Club Boca Juniors, a club historically supported by the poorer class of the city, contends with its opponent, which is considered more bourgeois, has the opportunity to win the 7th Copa Libertadores to return to the height of the most successful club at the Independiente Argentinian capital.

The return of the leg is scheduled for Monumental on Saturday, November 24th.

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