Ethnic registration in the PSG: "It should never have happened," says Jean-Claude Blanc for AFP


Deputy Director of the PSG in Nyon, Switzerland, April 20, 2018 / AFP / Archive

Deputy Director of the PSG in Nyon, Switzerland, April 20, 2018 / AFP / Archive

"It should never have happened in the PSG," he regretted on Thursday in an interview with the AFP deputy general-manager of Paris, SG Jean-Claude Blanc, after the publication of Football Leaks on the ethnic identity of young people reviewed by the club between 2013 and 2018.

Q: What was your reaction to this PSG list?

A: "It's against the image, the values, the ethics that the club has been wearing for a long time, so the feeling we have today is the feeling of creating a wonderful piece of work performed by every club team on a daily basis, all employees, it is being carried out by the foundation, betrayal, because there is an object that we thought was impossible, we are well assaulted at the moment, if there is one object close to our heart is the fight against all forms of discrimination (… ) Therefore, discover that there is a month (when PSG journalists Football Leaks, Ed) asked that they mention the ethnicity of players that were spotted by a small cell, shocked us and is totally unacceptable to us.

Q: What is your president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi?

A: "Before the start of the internal investigation, I was informed one month ago about this extremely serious topic that affects us … He is also shocked. (…) The DNA of a club is to go to talent, regardless of origin, religion, color If they go to see a formation, the PSG team, I think we are pretty unmanageable. But now that a personal initiative has been included in its parameters in an employment cell that is in charge of finding talent outside Ile-de-France. codifying the child's parameter completely unacceptable, is illegal. We immediately started the investigation. "

Q: Are you disappointed with this former co-worker, Marc Westerloppe, involved in this file?

A: When we discover that colleagues can apologize, we think, industrialize this rotating vision related to the origin of players, we have a sense of failure in employment, in control, displaced, extremely ambiguous, which the head of this employment cell met three years ago ( Marc Westerloppe, editor's note), failed to write down these industrial parameters to codify young people. Moreover, we are not excluded from responsibility because it happened in the club. Whatever our conviction and we think that we are doing well, this is proof , that we have to do more in education., austerity in employing colleagues, so this does not happen anymore. "

Question: Was, after these "ambiguous" comments in March 2014, he was asked to study before dismissal, or would he not be separated during that time?

A: "They can accuse you of many things, but you have the right to defend yourself." He defended himself, defended himself well, spoke of his past, the young people who were employed in the clubs where he was, was shocked in his responses and confirmed in writing that he did not give any comments in any way, we did not have enough information on these facts to resign to Mr Westerlop. We warned him of the complete lack of ambiguity he would have in his remarks and personally I wanted to organize a quick meeting with trainers to draw attention to the employment criteria, only on the talent, for young people in the PSG. "

Q: Is it possible that club leadership would ignore the existence of these cards for so long?

A: "PSG is a group of 700. The employment of young people in Ile-de-France or outside of Ile-de-France is in reality the responsibility of sports leadership and groups of sports orientation (which was then led by Olivier Létang since President Rennes, Ed) It is not the task of a general direction to control which different employment cells are included in the form of observation. It may be a lack of warning but these cards have never been updated with these absolutely unbearable criteria (…). In no case are they never it should happen in the PSG. "

Interview with Corentina DAUTREPPEA.


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