DeMar DeRozan’s brilliant response to his WTF disaster


DeMar DeRozan had a rather hectic offseason, without it being linked to basketball. The Al-Star, in particular, experienced a hell of a disaster right at home … and he reacted without any pressure.

Not necessarily in the smell of holiness in Texas, DeMar DeRozan could not have an easy life on the courts in San Antonio. But it seems he has an even more difficult private life on the Los Angeles side. Here, no internal quarrels in the small family of DeRozan, the problems come from outside.

If you’re not keeping up lately, the Spurs star has found himself facing off An incredible disaster in his home, Victim of a home-jacking on behalf of a freak who was after his neighbor Kylie Jenner. DMDR itself confirmed that this all actually happened … and reacted without pressure.

In case you missed it: Spurs full-back Demar Derozan confirmed the TMZ article that he had to confront an intruder who entered his Los Angeles area home while he and his family were inside about two weeks ago.

“Yes everything is fine. You know I grew up in Compton, California. So I lived worse.”

An intruder at home? A family potentially in great danger? Apparently it’s not as small as the Spurs superstar will panic.

If he grew up in Compton, it is enough to understand. This is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Nobody has forgotten the album and the film “Straight Otta Compton” from the legendary group NWA.

When one has lived a childhood punctuated by gangs and the sounds of gunshots, this is not a simple vibrant break in what will worry Dimar Derozan. On the other hand, Kylie Jenner can tell herself that she really escaped it.

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