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Benkirane special guest of the Youth Forum of the PJD


Abdelilah Benkirane / Archive – Dr.

The youth of the PJD again offers a platform for Abdelilah Benkirane to give his position on "the Moroccan political context and the stakes of the reform". A announcement made yesterday by the former head of government on his Facebook page.

Benkirane will address this topic on Wednesday, July 24 around 10:30 am, on the occasion of the 15thAnd Edition of the Youth Political Forum of the Lamp that Opened the Sunday Evening in Kenitra.

The former Secretary-General of the PJD will have the opportunity to comment on the adoption of the Design Framework Law on Education by the Representatives' House of Representatives and to shoot red balls on his opponents in the party's secretariat.

Benkirane is a regular rally organized by the youth of his party. The body defends the offer to give it a 3And Mandate at the head of the party of the 8And Congress of the December 2017 lamp.

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