A Renault shareholder files a complaint in Paris

Carlos Golos was arrested on 19 th of February 2018 in Tokyo on the discussion of financial embezzlement. – Toshifumi KITAMURA / AFP

After the fall of Renault Nissan shares, the complaints of the shareholders. This Wednesday, two days later
The Arrest of Carlos Gas, D. Big boss From the car group, an individual shareholder of Renault complained to Paris, according to his lawyer Me Frederik-Kanel Canoy. According to the other, a dozen other, which he represents, may file a complaint for "abuse of social good" and "dissemination of false information to the market".

Carlos Ross, CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Bund, was arrested Monday in Tokyo. The Japanese prosecutor accused Carlos Gasden of "conspiracy to minimize his compensation five times between June 2011 and June 2015," declaring a total of 4.9 billion yen (about 37 million euros) nearly 1 billion yen.
His case was extended Wednesday for ten days.

"Fees seem like excessive" and "the purchase of luxurious residences"

The individual shareholder remains the employer in the case of the title of the photograph after the announcement of his arrest. Based on the accusation, the letter against X was filed Wednesday in the Paris Prosecutor's Office to try to open the investigation for "abuse of social good" and "dissemination of false information to the market", a stock market crime . The question is afraid of a possible transference from the complaint to the National Public Prosecutor's Office, which has exclusive jurisdiction over stock market offenses.

Tuesday, the Minister of Economy Bruno Maire noted that there is "nothing special to report on the tax situation of Mr. Ghosn in France." "It is clear that Renault and Nissan can not ignore the actions of Mr Carlos Gashon and may provide or transmit inaccurate information to the market on the true value of the security (…) misleading information, such as dealing with the courts, Says the complaint by AFP. "One can really ask the question of how Mr. Ghoslot would succeed to distort the figures of his reminder for five years," he wrote.

On the abuse of social good, the complaint is "compensation seemingly excessive" and "buying luxurious residences" made for Carlos Golos in four countries and financed by a subsidiary of Nissan, as reported by the Japanese media.

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