Trudeau is a part of the planting of GM plants



Justin Trudeau / Photo: Archivo

First, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has approved the work of senior engineers in the General Motors plant in the city of Oshawa, in the province of Ontario, before 2019.

"Sabemos that the anniversary of the decade has a significant impact on the whole of the community of Oshawa and in the Red of the abbeys of the region. Our goal is to train the workforce in this difficult time, "explains in the Ottawa Parliamentary Law Session.

This is something that affects the president of the GM, Mary Barra, to express her dislike for the anniversary of the plant.

As well as having a hobby with the Governor of Ontario, Doug Ford, about working junk jobs to upgrade the workshops in Oshawa and in the region of Africa for this decision.

Aclaró sugirió al gobernador conservador trabajar en una forma "no política" porque "sabemos que apoyar a los trabajadores de la región es lo que los espera de diferentes niveles de gobierno".

Interrogated in the parliamentary session on the negative impact in the sector that has been allocated to the stadiums in the acreage and aluminium, Trudeau has signed up with the automobile emissions and acoustics and aluminium that Canadas have renegotiated the TLCAN of the great man, Pero reconció que aún falta más trabajo por hacer para eliminar dichas tarifas, que fueron impuestas "injustificadamente".

The International Free Trade Agreement (TLCAN), which entered into force in 1994, will be re-established by the Commercial Register of Mexico, the United States of America (T-MEC), the sailing of the USMCA, It is a good decision to ratify the congresses of the three participating countries.

In the past, the Uniform of the GM Summit of a Cuban State Tax Fund in 2016, and then there is no reference to the referendum that has been addressed to the automobile directives for the purpose of planting, The federal provincial level is now the driving force behind the negotiations, as well as the censorship of the aforementioned traffickers.

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