They report several outbreaks of Coxsackie, now in Cuautepec schools; there are 36 cases


The Ministry of Health Hidalgo (SSH) reported that four have been registered up to now Coxsackie pops (Diseases similar to diseases in comparison with varicella) in schools in Ljubljana Tulancingo and Cuautepec de Hinojosa, which brings together 36 cases.

Lately, it has been reported that it has been in the last 20 days In the two primary schools, 21 cases of illness were discovered located in Tulancingo; while in Cuautepec Already 15 events.

The state agency reported that up to now 11 hurricanes in municipalities have been reported in Hidalgou Tulancingo, Metztitlán, Tepei del Río, Pachuca and Actopan, 74 percent less than in 2017.

Also known as "Leg, arm, mouth syndrome" It is often summer and autumn since it is in the environment and its transmission is preferred in places where coexistence is close, such as nurseries and kindergartens, so it is usually that it is between two and five years of age.

The infection is through the secretion of the respiratory tract and faeces; the latter, associated with changing diapers without further washing of hands. The incubation period of the virus lasts on average for three days.

Symptoms last from five to eight days and show up fever, malaise, sore throat, and rash on the extremities. It is essential that patients evaluate health professionals to determine a treatment that focuses on controlling fever and pain.


Therefore, the population is recommended:

• Hand wash.
• Use of individual cutlery.
• Avoid Love.
• When sneezing, it covers the nose and mouth with an inner corner of the elbow or tissue.

It is important to emphasize that the patient should remain at home until the symptoms disappear, after a medical evaluation, and with strict hygiene measures in the usual devices used.

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