Tata Martino, DT, who is closest to Mexico, is the MLS 2018 coach

In the statement, Major League Soccer explained in detail the reasons why Tata took on this important prize.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New York, United States –

In the event that there are reasons to believe that Tata is the best candidate who can direct the Mexican state team, MLS named Gerardo Martino on Tuesday, still a strategist at Atlanta United, like Coach of the flight.

Argentine technical director, one of the most powerful candidates who took the bench of the Mexican team, and that he announced that he would no longer extend the franchise Atlanta, he received a prize for the good numbers achieved in this Season 2018.

Dad achieved the best record in the history of the league, who tied the point-to-point point (69) and reached 21 wins in the regular season and beaten the previous 20 points. Atlanta also won other teams in terms of goals scored, scored 70 goals in two consecutive seasons for the first time in MLS history.

In the statement, Major League Soccer has explained the reasons in detail why Tata accepted this important prize.

"In his two seasons in the MLS, Martin's style is defined by a combination of stars with young talents ".

Martino received 37.72 percent of all votes cast by the media, clubs and MLS players.

Atlanta United will play The end of the eastern MLS conference against Ney York Red Bull, after the removal of New York City last weekend and where Martino will still have the opportunity to forgive MLS with one title in his career.

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