"Share Your Gifts" is titled Apple's Christmas Video

Loyal to Traditional, Apple has released their Christmas video today. On this occasion, the company has decided to combat a mixture of CGI and practical effects that focuses on emotions and the idea of ​​creative to sell or highlight a specific product.

Share your gifts, as the video is titled, tell us the story of Sophia, a young girl with multiple creative concerns that never allows, for shame, that no one can see you work until her dog makes them (we never get to know if they are Photographs or drawings) fly over the city.

They are just two and a half minutes more reminiscent of Pixar's classic shorts as a TV ad with the intention of selling us a product or service, as the only apparently obvious brand of the brand lies in the MacBook full of stickers used by The protagonist and in airpods that appear a few seconds.

It is, as we said, the synthesis of an idea and the philosophy behind many of Apple's products, designed with creative professionals such as illustrators, video editors, photographers or music producers in mind.

The link between the brand and the artificial spirit of its clients is the heart of a video that, in addition, is a trendyly cautious and striking work in itself.

And although the direct association, as we have said, could be Pixar or Disney, giants from the computer animation industry, share your gifts is closer to the work of Laika Studios (CUBO and the two strings) in its realization. As we can see in the making of Apple's short, but very interesting, creating combines real scenarios, made with detailed models, and 3D animation. All right, along with the song comes and play by Billy Eilish), in order to perfectly communicate the Christmas spirit.

Apple has also published other videos focused on creative processes using the devices of the company, starring the color artist, the video editor and the singer behind the gifts with hypertextual information.

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