Participate more than 5 millones in the Infantil and Juvenile Consultancy


The National Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) informs that in the VIII Infantil and Juvenile 2018 Convention, the community has 425 million children, adolescents and adolescents, who have been expecting their expectations.

The President of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, submits that "graciously to the 26 thousand volunteering facilities that have been incorporated into the casinos, with a total of 425 million chic and chic colleagues participating in this era, is expected to be originally planned for this institution cuatro millones de menores ".

In an ordinary way, the march is expected to be the systematic adjustment of the opinions of the opinions, the names and the adolescents in this era.

Señaló que los resultados serán presentados en las incestos de la décision de Estado mexicano; It decides to Senado, the Camaraderos de Diputados and the elective president, as well as the decision-making institutes in the local community.

Elle para que tenga un efecto similar al que con la 2012 consultación en Oaxaca que permitar emitar uma preciar de violencia en el escala espacio, o el caso de los resultados de la 2015 consulta que será que para la Senado aprobara The point of departure was propagated by the President of the Infanta Commission.

Córdova Vianello agraded the different institutions' institutions on the ecclesiastical octave since 1997, in which the Institute has been involved in involvement of Mexicans and Mexican adolescents in democratic procession.


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