PAN is broken: leaves Calderón and Cortés arrive


On the basis of official data, Marko Cortés Mendoza is undoubtedly the new president of the National Executive Board PAN and Hector Larios Cordova, his head, the next secretary general of the white and blue party.

Cecilia Romero, chairwoman of PAN CEN's National Organizing Committee, reported yesterday that on the basis of 70% of the count of votes, Michoacan led with 79% of the votes cast, against 21% of Manuel Gómez Morín, the second candidate.

From the courtyard Luis H. Alvarez, at the national headquarters of the PAN, which was reserved for a celebration in the event of victory, Cortes said yesterday evening that he was very pleased that he had reached his wish and called the unit to put PAN in the right direction

"The future of the state is under threat and the PAN must be united for the defense of Mexico," he warned.

Then, on the internal election day, he attended 60% of the nominal list.

"We lost strongly, in all 32 countries, through Mexico we won," he said.

However, he admitted that future battles would not be easy with regard to future elections.

The Los Naranjos Patio, which was named for the eventual celebration of Gómez Morin, seemed empty throughout the day, although his representative Heidi Strorsberg was at the party's headquarters since morning when the commission was set up responsible for the proceedings.

He's excommunicated the former president

In the afternoon, the national leadership of the PAN officially announced the resignation of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojos for his militancy.

While via Twitter, Michoacan, who still voted for Gómez Morin, who was active in blue and white for 38 years, announced a resignation letter stating that this political force "is no longer an instrument of citizen cooperation for building a better Mexico ".

He explained that his decision was also derived because "the PANI consortium destroyed the internal democracy and reached the point that none of the relevant candidates' candidatures had elected the militants in the past years, and instead it was the determination of membership".

Calderón Hinojosa assured that the next PAN leadership will be "faithfully expressing corruption, mediocrity and manipulation that citizens have severely punished in the elections".

In response, PAN reported that although his decision was respected, "it is surprising that someone with his ability does not sketch even the slightest self-criticism of the mistakes he warns, many of them started to incubate and strengthen themselves, as the president of the republic, with perfect control over the customer. "

After voting in Naucalpan, Mexico, Gómez Morín has condemned the Commission for alleged irregularities, especially on Mexican territory, such as the purchase of votes and forgery of credentials.

Gómez Morín also assured himself that he participated "in good faith in a process that was partial, unfair and undemocratic". That, through your Twitter account.

At the same time, he rejected Marc Cortez's invitation to join the national political commission of the albiazul party.

Who's the new leader?

Marko Cortés was born in Zamora, Michoacán, on October 17, 1977.

He holds a Public Accountancy degree at Michoacán University in San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

He was Federal Deputy twice: LIX and LXIII of the Legislative Bodies – 2006-2006 and 2015-2018; From 2006 to 2012 he was the Senator of the first minority in Michoacan.

As part of his administrative career, he served as Deputy Director General Coordination of Delegations of the Ministry of Social Development between 2001 and 2002.

In his experience of the senator, all the initiatives promoted by the parliamentary fraction of the PAN in the upper house, Michoacan presented four, but none was approved. The success rate was zero, according to the analysis of the legislative monitor of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).

In 2011 he defeated PAN's candidacy for the government of Michoacan without success; Last year PAN was nominated by Luis Maria Calderón, sister of former President Felipe Calderón.

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