Liga MX: Chivas Launches Emotional Message Eliminated by Guardianes 2020


A campaign full of emotions, ups and downs, problems, controversies, victories, defeats, joys and stress, the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara, They were one step away from the grand finale of Guardians 2020, After a return to the league after 3 years of drought.

Those caused by Victor Manuel Vusetich They could not strike Club Lean, The best team in the Guardians 2020After a good closing of the tournament, the herd sent an emotional message, he assuring that they would return to the ride.

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“We lived in a tournament where we learned to give everything on the court. We went through moments in which they handed us over for lost, without knowing that in Guadalajara the attempts to throw us have us more and more, because no matter how Low they want to see us to the impossible to get ahead, “the chivas communicated through a video on their networks.

“Today we leave this chapter incomplete, but with the certainty that we will meet again at the top again and again. Thank you Chivahermanos!”.

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