Josh Donaldson signed with the Braves. Now what's next to him? | AL BAT


Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson

| AP

Just a few years ago, Josh Donaldson was one of the best players in all major leagues, winning the American League MVP in 2015. However, injuries have kept him out of his best shape in recent years and the Atlanta braves want to give A new opportunity to show up.

It has recently been announced that the Eastern Division of the National Heldon Donaldson Championships for a year and 23 million dollars, so that amount of money, the length of their contract indicates that they have their reserves and they expect me to issue immediately.

In this case, there is a situation in which, if Josh Donaldson can remain healthy and set good numbers, in addition to helping the Atlanta braves to repeat the divisible title and take them far into the postaleon.

Donaldson is still relatively young, since he will enter the 2019 season with 33 years old and if he shows a full-fledged level, he may certainly be future and get a good deal in the coming years, after 2018 he played only 52 games in Complete.

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