José Mourinho says that more casualties sought him "hiding"



The technician of Manchester United, José Mourinho, Responded to the Spanish goalkeeper, Eager Casillas, who recalled his time in real madrid under the orders of the Luciferian, and noticed that he would "faced him" in person.

In statements made to the Portuguese newspaper, Record, Murinho said that the former goalkeeper of the national team and current goal of Porto if he faced him when they both met in the White House, But it was behind him.

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"This interview is typical of someone who is at the end of his career, about what he says about me, when he says he never confronted me, it's not true he confronted me and in a way that is better Like anyone: hidden, "he said.

For his part, casillas pointed to the program 'Waldano UniverseHe was able to quit under the controversial mandate of the Portuguese in Real Madrid because he did not want to deal with the Spanish institution's values.

"I think that if it happened again, I would have taken the bullet through the horns and I would have fired Murinho, at the moment I chose to be quiet and I thought that was the way to honor the values ​​of Real Madrid. Nowadays, nobody has talked about the others, it is better to let it go and let it go.

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