It could be VAR on date 17 and next Liguilla (video)


Arturo Brizio, Chairman of the Arbitration Commission, together with David Elleray, IFAB's technical director, has ensured that video arbitrage in Mexican football explains more clearly.

The Player Aid System (VAR) will continue in the next League MX matches and is expected to continue in Liguilla, confirmed this Monday Arturo Brizio, President Arbitration commission.

Brizio Carter attended the conference at the famous hotel in Insurgentes Sur, David Elleray, Technical Manager IFAB (International Federation of Football Association), talk about VAR which was used in Mexican football for four days.

"Working with Mexican football federation and in the big picture, they are in learning process, refining details and continue to improve, in the adjustment, "the British said David Elleray

He warned this VAR approved FIFA and has been used for two years in a football experiment for To assist judges in bare, penalties and red cards who can influence and change the game and officially in Russian World Cup 2018.

"We want to improve the game, that's better with a minimal disruption in the game and maximum benefit. VAR was ideal in Russia in 2018, "he said.

Elleray He said that only the judge can inspect the test, not VAR, and the final decision is a whistle, "said FIFA President," The VAR does not change in football, VAR clean football. "

He stressed that the first season is that this system is used in Mexican football and hopes to continue to make progress, "We need to judge whether the decisions in Mexico are fairer, This is not a certificate. "

The British added that we want to avoid the installation of cameras only in rich countries, in Mexico I went to two parties and this visit is not confirmed, we want Mexico to be fit and improved with VAR, so I will write a report and My impression is that Mexico is fine. "

Arturo Brizio He warned this VAR is from Fornade 13 and this is an appropriate procedure, "We are in the process and there are things to adjust. All judges and assistants were at the meeting, and we will see what happens, which is more effective. "

He stressed that whistleblowers must not forget that VAR signal for audit and Ratified or revised decision through this system and the process will be improved hard training.

Questionable from what are the VAR costs at the stadiums he replied that this is a service for teams and it is budget clubs and does not know the amount.

She concluded that the application will be filed in a way that will Follow the VAR in the Apertura 2018 Liguilla Tournament.

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