Ingred Coreonado told Farewell today of "Wenga La Alergria"


Ingrid Coronado He said today "Come Free", The driver, who worked almost two decades with Azteca, said that her contract with the TV station ended and she would enjoy the next three months to travel with her children and to write, passion she had developed and from which Is an inspired story in his parish, called "Simon and the Weeping Willow."

"My agreement is over but the agreement I made with Azteca is that when I'm ready, in spring, I will return with them as the first option without a doubt because it's my home for 19 years and we'll talk about a new one Project. "

Ingredients are for two to four hours every morning. In addition, Kubon will be in an unprecedented way, at this time Coronado will also present the presentation of his story.


Ingred Coronado clarified that she would not go to work for Television, she will return in March with a new project

Annette Kuburu will replace Ingrid Coronado in Annette Kuburu will replace Ingrid Coronado in

When she asked if she was ready to rebuild her life on the love side, she said that this is an idea that is incalculated in women.

"I think this is the idea that we have women, that if we do not have a partner, I do not have a full life, I can tell you that I always feel the need to reinforce myself, to strengthen myself, but today I Do not feel that I have redo my life with anyone because my life as I like it, i love my children, i love what i do, i love what i am .I am willing to have a relationship i am, But today I know what I want and what I do not want and it is not easy to find. "

Although he did not want to give details of his experience after the divorce Fernando del SolarIngredients answered the question of whether a woman was more complicated for her.

"I believe that women are more difficult in every aspect, we are more demanding, and we are housewives, mothers, we work and work is much heavier, I believe that women have to be aware of what we are doing to ourselves , We must be together and that is not always the case, so I think we have to be aware of the value that we have and be united.


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