Fortport is awarded as the discovery of this year at the Esports Prize


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The popularity of esports has been increasing exponentially in recent years, and by the time it is considered as a professional sport in some countries, this growth has accelerated competition in this field, which has resulted in prizes such as the Esports Awards that take place annually in Europe.

The idea of ​​a prize-winning gala that respects esporte appeared in 2004, when it was not yet one of the most legendary games of the year, the year's ceremony rewarded new categories, such as journalism.

This year, the prize was awarded in London, although it was usually in Germany, and the main candidate was to delete all the Fortnata awards, it is impossible to say that we have not heard from him, play and become very popular.

* Loss of Anonymous Hero of the Year: Miloš & # 39; Faceit Mikey & # 39; Nedeljkovic.

* Videographer of the year Esports: Davis' Hitch & # 39; Edwards.

* Photographer of the flight: Helena Kristiansson.

* Streaming Flight Platform: Twitch.

* Esports Unveiling game of the year: Fortnite.

* Rookie Player in flight console: Kenny Williams.

* Rookie Player on Flight Computer: Gabriel & # 39; Bwipo & # 39; Rau.

* Esporta Coverage Website: ESPN.

* Esports flight journalist: Jacob Wolf.

* The best team this year: Astralis CS: GO.

* Sports Support Agency: Evolved Talent Agency.

* Business partner of the year Esports: Intel.

* Hardware manufacturer for year Esports: Nvidia.

* Best flight stroke: Attach.

* Live Sports Event of the Year: Grand Final Overwatch League 2018.

* Commentator for the athlete: Maven.

* Publisher of the Esports: Blizzard.

* Esports Summer Game: Overwatch.

* Sport Personality of the Year: Ninja.

* Streamer flight: Ninja.

* PC Player of the Year: Oleksandr & # 39; s1mple & # 39; Kostyliev.

* Consolation Player: Mossad & # 39; MSdossary & # 39; Aldossary.

* Esports of the Year organization: Cloud9.

Although, as with all awards, there was no shortage of criticism, and the community of community purists was opposed to the decision Fortune as a sport, because in the most practical sense of the definition it does not yet meet the 'requirements', which are called esport.

Another controversial decision was a multiple reward for the recorder Ninja, because in recent months his success over Fortune has been questioned. For the support you received from Epic Games, as many feel that their attitude to the game is more a commercial pact than taste.

But they say that the public is smart and a lot of votes come from fans all over the world, there's an answer to why Fortnat had this good result in the prizes.

Tell us your opinion, do you think it was just a reward as a personality esports for Ninja? What winners would you change? Would you like to see some of the prizes of this style in Latin America?

Editorial: Esports. / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / coverage

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