Erika Zaba admits that she was fertilized and was not reached

Mexico City.- Singer Erika Zaba, 40, did not stop trying to fulfill his dream to become Mom with her husband, Frank Oliveros, from 46 years old who performed two treatments this year in vitro fertilization Unsuccessful A few days ago, Jessica, a younger sister of OV7, was caught in the same clinic where Erika was treated, and a source close to the interpreters admitted that her younger sister had donated her eggs.

Unfortunately, they did not give two in vitro fertilizers that he submitted this year. Doctors found that their ovules, when fertilized, are not mature; and two months ago he was told that I could go to the donor, since he was difficult pregnant because of her age, she already has 40 ".

Erika thought that during the first attempts, she would have been very much excited, I did not expect that doctors will tell him, but he is strong and will not give up, he dreams of living in the process pregnancy and you have a child in your arms, so he will continue to try; they do not see it crying in the corners. "

The source of the singer also talked about Franko's health:

He is fine, and he was already a father, but both of them knew that their parents could not be natural, because although he had two children, he had a vascodomy for several years. Now he turned it around because you are doing all you can to satisfy your wife; He is also impressed with the fact that his father is again, because he is sure that Erika will be a great mother. "

He also cited the reason why Erika's sister was caught in a clinic where she had her first treatment:

Yes, it had to be reviewed to determine if it could be a donor. "And if Erika asked, she replied:" She told Sister Tania (three years younger) and Jessica (10 years younger). what happened, and Jessica offered a donor without hesitation. They both cried, they are very close. Jess loves sister; Erika is like their mother because she took them together with her uncle. In addition, her other sister (Tania) is married and has children. "

He emphasized that the singer is very happy and very thoughtful with the presentation of his sister's love. The source also commented on why Zaba did not think about accepting:

This did not go through her mind, she dreams that she lives this process, that she has a baby in the uterus, she feels and bores her. "

Obviously, Jessica is in a very good condition and will do the whole process fertilization. They can even determine the gender of the child. "

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