Apple announces the free replacement of the iPhone X screen

Apple will replace the iPhone X screen without any cost

Apple recently announced iPhone X replacement program, which will see that the company replaces iPhone X screens that show tactile problems, like some units iPhone X They may have problems on the screen.

According to user reports, Affected iPhone Xs do not respond correctly if you touch the screen in some parts or in full or, it can also react to the screen without touching, the problem being on the screen.

Apple says the solution is the solution iPhone X – with or without a guarantee – to the Apple Store or Apple's authorized service, you can also contact the website to find a solution where they send you instructions for sending the device according to a special procedure.

It is worth noting that in this case, the program of replacing the iPhone X screens applies to all mobile phones with or without warranty, which is the extension of the warranty for equipment that Apple has already performed its current warranty year.

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