An epidemic among young people


Vapoo is a leader who became an epidemic that affects 3.6 million young people. Below we explain what it is.

This is the name of the Millennials' birth generation

Smoking Electronic Cigarettes or Vapeo & # 39; Has become a common practice among teenagers, many of them addicted to nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes have replaced marijuana and conventional cigarettes like those Favorite addiction Among the children of the United States, where the authorities have spent their sale, but young people get it through internet. Such is the situation that JVL, one of the companies that sell electronic cigarettes, voluntarily removed its Facebook and Instagram pages, in response to the government's call not to leave these products to young people.

There are two Obstacles to children addicted to nicotine: The law prohibits doctors from preserving patches and other methods of combating addiction; It is also noticeable that electronic cigarettes are less hazardous. However, according to experts, smoking conventional cigarettes can be annoying or even painful for the throat, but it is not so with the electronic cigarette, in this case, the feeling is lighter, and therefore, does not discourage people from leaving. .

Some studies have shown the presence of Cartinogenic substances In electronic cigarettes, such as formaldehyde and benzene. In addition, the harmful effects of nicotine in the brain and the attention of growing adolescents are well studied.

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