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The words of Song Hye Kyo are twisted by Korean media, so the original interviewer set the record immediately


Song Hye Kyo has recently sat down for an interview while she was in Monaco for a promotional event. There, she opened her mind about her future plans, thoughts about fate and her desire to wear a tiara on her birthday.

However, various Korean news reports twisted her words to make it seem as if she were thinking "It was her fate to be divorced" And that she "Wanted to be treated as a Princess ". As Nazis began to believe the news reports and criticize Song Hye Qiu.

Article: [Exclusive] Song Hye Gyo shares feelings after the finalization of divorce … "I need time this year" … "I feel like a princess."

Source: SpoTV News via Nate (netizenbuzz translation)

1. [+666, -206] Couldn't sound like something that should be told from the party at fault ???

2. [+592, -156] I support Song Joong Qi !! I hope he finds happiness with a better woman

3. [+548, -139] I wonder who her next person will be

4. [+60, -27] Could she even sleep a night without a person?

5. [+49, -9] She means that she'll have a break this year and get back to dating next year

6. [+48, -21] What about those rumors about how she has a rich old man in China? She should explain it too. And take some time for yourself not only this year but for a long time, especially after all the scandals with all those people.

7. [+45, -20] Take all the time you need in Hong Kong ~ You can even go there if you want

8. [+40, -6] She has such beauty and wealth, how is she in real life that all those male actors leave you in the end?

9. [+39, -3] She wants to wear a crown on your birthday …?

10. [+33, -4] She wants to wear a crown on her burnt day? Because this makes you feel like a princess? She's not a little kid. Isn't she nearly 40?

11. [+33, -7] She is next year 40 but wants to feel like a princess … what a dream … Please start acting your age and keep being so immature …

12. [+32, -18] I bet there is an unpopular ban on Song Hye Gyo among male celebrities … Although I'm sure another will drop into her trap thinking "it'll be different with me"

The translator named Miss J., who helped Song Hye Kyo with the original interview, has set up to match the record.

"Many misunderstandings have been raised because the media was much of the context of the interview and only reported about selected parts of her answers. This was the first time I experienced it, so I was first shocked and angry and now I am even Frightened. "

– Miss J.

First, the Korean media reported Song Hye Kyo's response to wearing a tiara as if suddenly it had expressed its desire to be treated as a princess. However, the original interviewer was the first to bring the theme of tiaras, because she referred to Chaumet's new line of tiaras.

The original question was: "If you were allowed to wear one of these tiaras, would that be?" Therefore, Song Hye Kyo claimed that she wanted to wear one for her birthday. Her full response was: "If I was allowed, I would like to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday on November 22. When I put a tiara, I feel like a princess."

The interview question was a common question in the fashion world which made the Tpo (time, place, opportunity). Song Hye Kyo simply responded with a fitting response.

"The media has replied to you with another news. Song Hye Kyo thought about a hairdresser when she asked about a Tiaras, and she said anyone would feel like a princess if they were to get the opportunity to do so. Tiara even a few times. "

– Miss J.

Secondly, Miss J. clarified that Song Hye Kyo did not refer to her last divorce when talking about "fate". The original question was about how she chooses her next project. "How do you decide what projects work?"

The question of the interviewer was about what she considered when choosing her next project. Song Hye Kyo's response, "I think the projects come to you like lots, not how much effort you put into."

– Miss J.

Lastly, Miss J. revealed that the Korean press failed to report on Song Hye Kyo's response to their preferred style. When the interviewer asked "What kind of jewelry do you prefer?", Song Hye Kyo answered, "Of course, I wear luxurious jewelry whenever I work, but I prefer to wear minimalist styles on a daily basis. I think that's just my style."

Miss J Claimed It is unfortunate that Korean media have kept you safe as a privilege when Song Hye Kyo is actually humble and down to earth.

"I don't know what the reports haven't talked about as Song Hye Kyo is a natural person who likes to dress in minimalistic styles. I'm very upset."

– Miss J.

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