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Sufjan Stevens shares a new version of his Christmas lineage "Lonely Man of Winter"

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November 8, 2018

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Sufjan Stevens is not an alien of original Christmas music. He now shared a new version of his extremely rare Christmas song in 2007, "Lonely Man of Winter". Listen below.

In 2007, Stevens held the Xmas Song Xchange Contest, Sufjan Stevens, in which he invited fans to deliver the original Christmas songs they recorded. Then he chose his favorite, Alex Duffy's "Everyday is Christmas" and with his own original Christmas song "Lonely Man of Winter" with Duffy, he changed the rights to every song. For many years, Duffy and his friend Dave Mallory have been listening to the tracks for Stevens 'song instead of dropping it, but eventually became too busy with his non-profit JACK event in Brooklyn, so Duffy asked Stevens' Asthmatic Kitty label if they could finally they left the song, and the proceeds went to JACK. Tomorrow, the original version of "Lonely Man of Winter" is digitally released together with this new version, produced by Thomas Bartlett (or Doveman) and features Melissa Mary Ahern. Duffy's "Everyday is Christmas" (also listen to it below). Two versions of "Lonely Man of Winter" will also be released on 7 December as 7-inch.

Stevens said this about Duffy's "Everyday is Christmas" at Soundcloud for the song: "I'm in love with one particular song for the joy of simplicity: Alec Duffy's Every Day Is Christmas." Immediately, it seems like classical music, an excellent musical song, a defective Ball Balada and a church anthem. It is unloaded with the torrential and prophetic storms of Christmas, the most complicated holiday. to indulge in Christmas blues, strong winter fear, melancholic expectation of the season. I still am wondering about luminosity, subversive satire, and stupid nonsense Christmas as a commodity, sampled with the letters Charlie Brown, Santa Klaus, and Rudolf. For me, the fun of these bi-polar fantasies will never quite disappear, but they are essential for Christmas secrets. But when she came to her, I wanted to simply simplify ordinary daily love, love between two people, a love that does not bind to trumpet fanfare and the bell-tower of the holiday spectacle. An irreverent song by Alec Duffy "Every Day Is Christmas" sums up this simple phenomenon to the utmost without the effort of words and melodies, somehow creating a sense of meaningless holidays. Thank you, Alec, for this great gift. And happy Christmas to you and yours! "

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