PC Classic is a retro DOS console of our dreams


The trend for retro gaming is still evil, but it is unlikely that it has even burned up the older school. While we can currently enjoy games from the original PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega consoles, little is expected that the mini-PC will operate on the DOS.

PC Classic from Unit-E comes in unusually long beige color (by design, of course), which corresponds to 90 years of PC game. It offers joystick support, a couple of USB ports and, unlike some consoles, supports games on SD cards.

The video shows games such as the original Doom, Commander Keen 4 and Jane from the jungle, but these titles are currently unlicensed. The company says that all games in the offer will be officially licensed, but at the moment it does not confirm anything.

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"We do not yet have a list of certified titles, but the goal is to provide all the games that have defined the gaming experience of the eighties and nineties," says the company.

You can see the prototype in the video below:

The current prototype is offered by HDMI and composite video outputs, while Bluetooth is also supported. Unit-E, which makes arcade games with the store, will soon launch a campaign. For the device, it plans to charge EUR 99 for the device (about 75 pounds), which it intends to send next spring.

There seems to be a great hope for this device in the ability to add games through an expanded storage device, such as an SD card. Retro consoles such as the PlayStation Classic and the NES Classic Mini have been dragged by rigidly selecting titles as they can not be expanded without revealing the console and adding pirated ROMs.

Can PC Classic terminate the cycle and offer access to all licensed games?

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