Manchester United and Man City joined the Premier League XI


With 177. Manchester's derby on the horizon naturally, the debate about the biggest XI competition reappeared.

On Sunday afternoon, Manchester United set out to meet Man City in the Premier League, as they see Jose Mourinho seeing an excitement against the ruling champions in England.

But which team won the best players during the Premier League and which players would do in the combined XI, which consists of both sides?

Our tribune had an opinion on this issue, but a word of warning – you probably do not agree. Please tell us in the comments below, which would be in your combined XI.

Stuart Brennan

It was difficult – so many legendary players were excluded. I still can not justify the release of Eric Canton, Yaya Toure, Roy Keane and Carlos Tevez.

But I took the cowardly path, so I chose the goalkeeper who played for both clubs, and that was a tight call between Kyle Walker and Gary Neville as soon as his extra pace made him a big step.

Then Kevin De Bruyne saw Keane as more than a versatile footballer, while I expect that in five years Raheem Sterling and / or Leroy Sane could move Giggs – another tight call.

Charlotte Duncker

There were so many good players in each position that it was impossible to combine the XI without losing a lot of world-class players, which means that De Bruyne and Cantona do not even make a cut at all.

So, from the beginning to the net, Schmeichel, the United Trojan's winner, should have played for City too, so both boxes are benches. Then there is no argument back. Walker has not yet reached the consistent level of Neville, and while still leaving his career for quite some years, the former captain of the United Kingdom gets a speech before him in this debate.

The center back should have Vidic and Kompany, a mighty twin who would frighten an attacker in the Premier League.

Then the real debate comes in the middle. Playing with 4-3-3 means that there are only three middle games in the game and many talents. Silva is probably one of the best players in the city and one of the biggest bonders that he saw in the Premier League and it would be a crime not to make Scholes. Keane gets an address for her physical and managerial ability.

Aguero gets ahead of Rooney, but it would be clear that the former US captain will be there too.

Rich Fay

We already have the first contested point in the goal. Growing Van der Sar was a standard player in the Premier League – I'm this young man. However, the Dutch reaper won 27 major trophies in his career and reserves a clear league list so that he did not hit one goal for 1,311 minutes.

For balance in the middle I chose Yaya Toure, Roy Keane and David Silva. For me, this is the centerpiece of the best captain who has already seen English football in Keanu, while Toure is one of the best midfielders in the division at the top. Between Paul Scholes and Silva, he was agitated at the final creative site, but the city maestro extended me for me.

The final selection, which is justified, is the attacker Wayne Rooney, who decided at the front. He loves him or hates him, a veteran attacker is a record-breaking shooter in the history of the derby and always so little of the muscle is the talented Sergia Aguera.

Liam Corless

Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar are two of United's best goalkeepers, but David de Gea is better than both.

On the right side of the door, Gary Neville is an obvious choice, while Vincent Kompany and Rio Ferdinand are an excellent combination of defense ability and class on the ball. Dear Mention for Jaap Stam and Nemanja Vidic.

Patrice Evra and Dennis Irwin are the only real left-wing candidate, but I was in full swing in the group that reached three finals of the Champions League in the four years between 2008 and 2011, crawling to the French.

Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and David Silva went to the middle of Yaya Toure. In a few years, Kevin De Bruyne may be in the equation, but it is not enough to justify his inclusion justified.

In the last positions that I decided Cristiano Ronaldo on the right wing of Wayne Rooney shifted to his left wing to install Sergio Aguero as the central central striker.

Ciaran Kelly

I went into this thinking the choice of the gatekeeper would be the easiest decision, but even the choice between the three big stoppers that I thought loud – is not a great start. I went to Peter Schmeichel, but David de Gea is on the right track to become a legend of the United States.

The last four were quite simple – Denis Irwin was Mr. Consistent – and Vincent Kompany is on the edge of the blue / red balance Nemanja Vidic just a slave.

In the middle of the middle, Paul Scholes and Roy Keane play, and David Silva is third in the ranking Kevin De Bruyne.

Some complaints about Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs can be selected, but the choice between Sergio Aguero and Wayne Rooney was difficult.

The Argentine gives the site much needed urban balance – and he is on his way to go beyond Rooney's goal in Manchester.

Samuel Luckhurst

As is controversial, when this sounds, Schmeichel and Van der Sar are probably bigger goalkeepers from United, but they did not oppose the belief, much like De Gea. Ability of ability may harm his esteemed predecessors and, although he has only one title, he spent longer in United than Schmeichel or Van der Sar.

Neville was one of the most consistent right-wingers in Europe for more than five years. Ferdinand and Vidic were the best defense partners on the planet between 2006 and 2008, and Ferdinand was the finest half of the world at that time. The Euro may have reached higher heights than Irwin (five final league championships in his career), but the Irish player was stable and ahead of his time with his adventure.

Keane may have been equally important to United as Eric Canton. Scholes is probably the greatest player in Manchester, who was born in the history of the club, and Silva was the best player in the Premier League since Ronaldo left in 2009. In Bulgaria there was no better shooter in the Premier League this decade than Aguero. Giggs's longevity has often concealed its quality, which has become more economical over the past eight years, but in the late 1930s, blood still bleeds. Ronaldo is the most talented talent he has ever had from George Best.

Nine red and two wise
Nine red and two wise

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