Jose Mourinho: Did Manchester United's Manchester United leaders walk away or show passion?


Jose Mourinho jumped on the field with the coach after Juventus players ran to complain about their celebration

Unsuitable to celebrate or simply show passion?

Jose Mourinho returned to his ear with his hands and adored Juventus fans after the dramatic return of Manchester United in the Champions League group in Turin on Wednesday.

Leonardo Bonucci returned to Mourinho to complain in the afternoon, while the attacker Paulo Dybala also asked him.

The unified boss then sank the official and his coaching staff in the tunnel.

Mourinho then said he had "respect for Juventus" and responded to the "insults" of domestic fans.

"In a beautiful Italian city I was injured 90 minutes," said Mourinho, who led Juventus rivals Inter Milan between 2008 and 2010. "I did not regret them. I just did a little bit.

"I know that millions of Inter's fans are happy with this. But I respect Juventus, their players, the manager, the quality they have."

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegra was not too fazier and said: "Everyone has his own personal reaction".

"I can not say whether it's true or wrong," he added.

"You need to win with a little class"

Juventus duo Leonardo Bonucci and Paulo Dybala face Jose Mourinho full-time

There are mixed reactions with experts on BBC Radio 5 live and BT Sport.

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes said that Mourinho could show "a little class", while former striker Dion Dublin said that all attention had "turned to Mr. Mourinho".

Scholes talks about BT Sport: "That's where it goes. Sometimes you have to win with a little class and shake hands with the manager. I do not think it's necessary, but it's so."

Dublin on Radio 5 live: "Jose Mourinho was not really needed to be there. Everyone is happy to congratulate and some have gone to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Then all the attention turns to Mr. Mourinho, he has his right hand in his right ear, as if to say to all Juve fans:" What do you got about it? "

The Portuguese got some support from Owen Hargreaves. The former Manchester United midfielder said that the club was "a big week" and the celebration was understandable.

Hargreaves at BT Sport: "This is not necessary, but this is an exceptional result, and for United and Mourinho is a big week."

Other examples of Jose's celebrations that caused controversy

Jose Mourinho celebrated in front of Manchester United's enthusiasts when he dropped Porto from the Champions League

This is not the first time Mourinho's celebrations have caused controversy.

He gathered with Juventus fans in the Old Trafford backstroke last month when he had three fingers, according to the troika he had won between Inter in 2010.

He also celebrated down the junction when his side Porto from United League from the United League in 2004 back slipped to his knees.

Mourinho won the 15-year European ban on his handling of the Real Madrid semi-final in the first league against Barcelona in 2011.

And recently, Mourinho got some passionate celebration when Chelsea assistant coach Marco Ianni fined 6,000 pounds with the Finnish Prize Pool for Crimes against the United States manager at the end of his draw with 2: 2.

How did you respond to social media?

Jose Mourinho continued to celebrate when Leonardo Bonucci faced him

Annette: Once again Mourinho proves that he does not have a class at the end of the game, why he has to do it!

Harrish Lakka: Mou takes up supporters, reminds me of Hitchens audience. Something wicked, but bad.

Kashyap Savalia: Personally, I think that this is not a lack of a class from Mourinho to celebrate. Players are celebrating this all the time. Also, do you think Juve fans called nice things about him based on their Inter? Link! No way!

Chris AFC: A lucky victory and then Jose Mourinho grab the home crowd with a funny celebration. There is a reason that I rarely regret / regret them for their death.

Official Mato: The celebration of Jose Mourinho is just invaluable.

Jim Camina-Carry: Jose Mourinho is wild. This celebration reminds me so much of Juv vs Inter in the early years of Serie A.

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