Five shooters in gemstones (updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: Police robbed five robbers and caught the other among the gun in the goldsmith shop, which is today in the Kuchai Lama shopping center.

It was found that a gang of six robbers armed with pistols and machetes arrived at the NSK shopping center around 4:30 pm before retaining gold shop personnel on site.

A police team from the Serangan Serious Crime Section, who was on a special operation in the area, was taken to the scene after an emergency call.

When the team of detectives arrived at the scene, shootings were made between them and the robbers.

Several robbers tried to escape and the shooting continued at the shopping center's parking lot.

Desperate shoppers descended on the roof when they heard a sound of a shot and threw themselves into safety.

Selangor Police CID Chief of Staff Fadzil Ahmat said today that four robbers among the gun and a police detective sustained injuries in his leg.

He said that two other suspects managed to escape from the scene in the car and were followed by detectives.

Fadzil said that about 1km from the shopping center resulted in another shooting where the suspect was killed and the other arrested.

He said that the police recovered two pistols, several machetes and a large part of the stolen jewelry of dead suspects.

Fadzil said that a police officer was injured in the medical center of Universiti Malaya, where he was treated and reported to be in a stable state.

This was not the first time that the robbers attacked him.

In June last year, four robbers carrying crash helmets held the gold factory staff on a gun and captured 15 gems trap in the amount of 2.5 million dollars in heist, lasting less than three minutes.

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