1,335 new cases with S’gor and N Sembilan topping the chart

The Ministry of Health today reported 1,335 new covid 19 cases involving the majority of new infection centers in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Sabah.

The director-general of health-ministry, dr. Noor Hisham, said in a statement that the Clan Valley states and territories accounted for more than a third of the new cases.

515 of the 1335 new infections or 38.6 percent.

Negeri Sembilan also surprised Sabah in terms of new infections, recording 258 new cases compared to Sabah’s 250 new cases.

The spike in Negeri Sembilan was contributed by a new cluster that now has 155 cases.

Leading indicators:

Active cases: 11,039 ↑ (264 more than the previous day)

Patients in ICU: 126 ↓ (four less than the previous day, new record)

Intubated patients: 57 ↑ (three more than the previous day)

Deaths: 2 Two (two less than the previous day)

The two new fatalities today were recorded in Perak and Johor, bringing the death toll to 382. Details of the deaths are as follows:

Patient 42,847 (death 381): 65-year-old Malaysian man. Died at Raja Permaisuri Beinun Hospital, Ipoh. Has a history of high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Patient 67,154 (death 382): 72-year-old Malaysian woman. Died at Enche Hospital ‘Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang. Has a history of high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and obesity.

A breakdown of all new cases today by states is as follows:

Selangor (337)
Existing cluster: 187
Close contacts: 87
Imported: 2
Other screenings: 61

Negeri Sembilan (258)
Existing clusters: 98
New cluster: 155 (ceramic cluster)
Close contacts: 1
Other screenings: 4

Sabah (250)
Existing clusters: 61
New cluster: 23 (Pulau Berhala cluster)
Close contacts: 106
Other screenings: 60

Kuala Lumpur (178)
Existing clusters: 44
Close contacts: 12
Imported: 1
Other screenings: 121

Johor (125)
Existing clusters: 97
Close contacts: 7
Other screenings4

Silver (108)
Existing clusters: 97
Close contacts: 7
Other screenings: 4

Penang (31)
Existing clusters: 20
Close contacts: 6
Other screenings: 5

Labuan (21)
Existing clusters: 8
Close contacts: 7
Other screenings: 6

Kedah (17)
Existing clusters: 9
Close contacts: 7
Other screenings: 1

בישבישבישביש (((4)
Close contacts: 4

Malacca (3)
Close contacts: 3

Belgium (2)
Existing clusters: 2

Arabic (1)
Other screenings: 1

Sarawak, Putrajaya and Perlis have not recorded any new Covid-19 cases today.

Noor Hisham also announced an end to three Cavid-19 clusters, namely the Palma cluster, Merpati cluster and Makekar cluster.

However, he also revealed the emergence of three new clusters, which are the Ceram cluster in Negeri Sembilan, Pulau Berhala cluster in Sabah and Jalan Tampoi cluster in Johor.

This means 187 of 388 clusters are still active. However, only 49 of the clusters recorded new cases of noon with the biggest contributors for today come from the Seram cluster (155), Pengara Jalan Harapan cluster (141), Sergeas cluster (92) and Tempok cluster (92).

Noor Hisham told about the new clusters Serum cluster Involves the district of Ceremban in Negeri Sembilan.

The index case is patient 65,468 which tested positive for Covid-19 on November 30th.

After the discovery, a screening was carried out at the workplace and it was discovered that another 170 people were infected, of which the total number of cases was 171.

As for the Cluster of Idols Island, It involves the district of Sandakan in Sabah.

Patient 52,089, which is the index case, was tested on November 20 by a coffee screening.

Since 208 people have been tested and there are now total 24 cases in the cluster.

Meanwhile, the Jalan Tampoi cluster Involves the district of Johor Bahru in Johor.

The index case, patient 67,151, was discovered by a screening of symptomatic individuals on 1 December.

Since then, 212 people have been screened and the cluster has so far recorded 17 Covid-19 cases.

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