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NFA gave a club in England before the three-month football talent and did not blink.

Last month, on October 13th, the Lithuanians reached the goalkeeper in the Manchester City youth leg (up to 18 years).

In elite clubs of English youth, V.Piliukaitis has already achieved three goals in five-year matches and has achieved effective transfer.

The National Football Academy in Kaunas is not known as the fortress of talent. Perhaps V.Piliukaitis would break the ice?

In just a few months, the largest clubs in England are hunting Taurage in Blackburn Rovers. The Sun announces that Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are already struggling for this.

Tottenham is already pervading

Pauls Paknys, the agent of the 17th anniversary of the English media, admits that it is now his job to deter him from sensational titles.

"All this information is correct, we met with big clubs, but we already had such stars, from which we did not release anything later." The bubbles exploded, "Willie said he does not react too much." He is now accumulating and playing for Rovers. he knew about gigants a few weeks ago, but he played well, "P.Paknys talked about his attention.

After the season with the Lithuanian contract, Blackburn Rovers will be available for ransom, but it will not be the second best in the men's division, the English club will manage to keep V. Piliukaitis if the Premier League giants are likely to hit the door.

It is true that Club Blackburn was not chosen randomly. P.Paknys warned that V.Piliukaitis wanted the London club Tottenham Hotspur.

"We went to Tottenham and we wanted to play there, but they disagreed, so we decided to go to Rovers. We could not wait for them to think. We are sorry now, and we are in touch with them", – said the agent about how the Lithuanians found themselves in the championship club.

April / 15min Photo / Paul Pawnys

April / 15min Photo / Paul Pawnys

A little talent in Lithuania

Vira Sunja at Club Rovers did not respect the decoration of Lithuanian: "Vilius became one of the best young players we have seen over a long period of time. We knew that, when he came, he was gifted but surpassed all expectations. that everyone is interested in it now. "

P.Paknys met gifted parties two years ago. Then the 34-year-old former soccer player was attracted by a single attack by Tauragiskis.

"An individual is a strong player who is rare in Lithuania, and we can all work and work for 90 minutes, and such workers are full, and individual talents are rare." We can differentiate between Arvydas Novikovas and Fedor Chernych, and it is no longer Vilius can pass two or three He is physically well-formed and aggressive playing. Such are his pluses and angels need, "- his agent spoke of the capabilities of V. Piuliukaitis in the market.

He played at the National Football Academy for 17 years and won 7 goals in the 1st League before he raised his wings to England.

Great priests

P.Paknys was happy to make the right decision before the season when he went to the Rovers club. We expect even more difficult steps in the future.

The club has provided excellent conditions and an opportunity to work with the main team, but the names Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea speak for themselves.

"He is interested in the biggest clubs, but we were not afraid to leave the team of Blackburn, we have a contract until next year, it's a great team and great conditions, they're improving there." "Now it's accumulating and playing for Rovers, of course it's all there." Things change in winter, but we think sober. You are not allowed to discard, P.Paknys talked about a pleasant headache.

The agent praised V.Piliukaitis for a wonderful work ethic: "Of course, when such clubs are interested and friends speak, it's difficult. But he is a very suitable child and does not break his nose. I do not let him."

V.Piliukaitis plays in the Lithuanian 17-year-old team, but he has not yet had the chance to play with the older ones.

"He always played in the U-17 team, and this time I also came to U-18, but I do not know why the coaches did not enter the game. He says he is younger and wants to play the next generation, we do not live much. it's crucial to improve ", P.Paknys talked about the game.

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