V.Ušackas does not say that the defeat of the primary conservative elections will resume from the post of president


V. He woke up with his wife Sunday morning in the primary election of TS-LKD. After being questioned by the journalists after the vote, regardless of whether they will continue to be presidential president's presidential election, V.Ušackas did not respond directly to the question and suggested that they should wait for the next day.

– We'll talk about it tomorrow. Nowadays, elections are in progress, so Lithuanian citizens and party invitations actively participate in elections and conscience, "said V. Ušackas.

When asked if this meant that there was no firm opinion on the lack of presidential elections in the presidential post, V.Ušack earlier said he would support the next candidate when the elections were transparent.

"I support the candidate if it is transparent if it is right if elections are fair," said the candidate.

I support the candidate if it is transparent if it is correct if the elections are fair.

When asked if he trusted in the party's primary election, V. Ušackas said he trusts that voters will vote in their hearts and hang, not "instructions from the top".

"I think this is a very welcome and positive initiative to involve people in the political processes that the party is going beyond its borders, there will be no friendly group and people will be able to choose and choose the person they will vote on." – said U.Sackacka.

Yosvydas Elinskas / 15min photos / Vygaudas Ušackas

Yosvydas Elinskas / 15min photos / Vygaudas Ušackas

When asked what he was talking about "the above instructions," V. Ušackas mentioned that the leadership of the party was "single candidate". Former Finance Minister Ingrīda Šimonytė disputes Mr Ushackut in the elections.

"We all know who talked about the fact that one of the candidates was supported by the leadership, but that is the choice of party leadership.

We all know who talked about one of the candidates being supported by the leadership, but this is the choice of party leadership.

I believe and applaud the free citizens of Lithuania, a party and those outside the party who have been pro-active and active, "said V. Ušackas.

They asked why they stayed in the streets of Vilnius and in some other settlements, stayed on the voting booth day and night, V. Ušackas said that he was voluntarily informed of any violations of the electoral process.

"I am very grateful for the fact that hundreds of citizens of Lithuania who have honestly done this have called for our call to observe elections. There are no directions from the top, people are free, as they want to help the celebration of democracy, they are chosen. there were doubts, probably there were information, possible falsifications or something, some on their own initiative, very natural, all good, "- said V. Ušackas to reporters.

The diplomat said his center had received multiple complaints due to violations in the election. According to him, complaints are dealt with by the Central Election Commission, which organizes the primary presidential election, but V. Ušackas said he did not know the details.

V.Ushackas himself chose "for the Lithuanian blessing" in the elections. He asserted that the TS-LKD party was looking forward to the fact that the event was planned with the family, friends and sponsors before the party's leadership invited him to the party's organized event.

A quarter of the voters voted

On Sunday, the second day of the presidential election of the Homeland Union Lithuania, the Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) began. They are openly deciding that candidates for the presidency of the Lithuanian Presidency of the next year will be taken by TS-LKD – economist Ingrid Šimonyte or diplomat Vygaudas Ušackas. About 15,000. party members, and some 18,000. not registered parties.

On Sunday morning, in the Vilnius Municipality, where the Vilnius Directorate takes the vote, calmly. There are currently no waiting lists in the polling station, which can be seen on Saturday.

According to the TS-LKD secretariat, 25% voted on Saturday in the primary election. (3816) Conservatives and almost 35% (6,326) people who do not participate in the party who have registered themselves. The most voted were Trakai, Kelmė, Birzai, Skuodas, Panevėžys.

More than 19,000 people enrolled in the party's primary surveys. non-registered persons, after the registered checks the voting right is 18 thousand. 259th

There are over 14,000 presidential candidates. conservative party members, they did not need to be separately registered.

The results of the Party's primary election are later approved by the TS-LCC Committee.

During the weekly vote, members of the party list the list of electoral candidates of city councils and a list of candidates for European parliamentary elections. However, in Panevėžys the party candidate is elected to the mayor in which non-partisans can vote.

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